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Summer Girl Breezy with Melanie Labelle

Summer Girl Breezy (676-01) looks beautiful with inspirational card Melanie has brought us today. She always brings us the most amazing cards with all her beautiful coloring. Her die cuts always look amazing. She used Summer Girl Breezy Die Cut (676-01D) to make her cutting easy for this card. Nothing more fantastic than no fussy […]

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Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #53 & Last Day For Summer Time Challenge

It is Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #53! We are very happy and excited to bring you some inspiration on this wonderful Sunday morning! Happy Father’s Day to any men that may be reading our fantastic blog!! Ladies please don’t forget to use those magnificent Father’s Day cards that you made today! Yes, today is the day […]

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Star Flower with Melanie Labelle

Melanie has a beautiful Star Flower (682) card for us today. She used a technique using Copic Marker reinkers with the Star Flower stamp. You will want to go to her blog to find out all the details. It looks like such an elegant, simple card but you wouldn’t believe what goes into it. She […]

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Star Flowers & Friendship with Myndi Fraser

We love how Myndi uses Star Flower (682) in her cards. She always makes the Star Flower stamp look exactly the way she needs it to for the card she is making. If Myndi is making something bright and cheerful, she makes it pop! If she is making something that is beautiful and elegant, Myndi […]

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Star Flower Step Card with Myndi Frasier

This Star Flower Step card by our designer Myndi Fraser is sweet and all around touching. You could use this card for almost any occasion. Myndi makes this type of card layout look effortless, just amazing. The sentiment that Myndi used is Weeds Be Wildflowers. This is a beautiful sentiment and very versatile. It can […]

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