Rubbernecker Stamps Sunday Team Post!

Sunday’s are going to be full of inspiration from the Rubbernecker Stamps Design Team! We actually have 2 teams, and this week it is team 2’s turn to share more creations with you! You have able to see their work all week with days that they post just their cards so they could really shine before today… lets see what they have for you! So buckle up and get ready to take in a lot of inspiration from this very talented team!

First up we have Melanie Lebelle from Mel’s Crafty Clips blog. She is using Rubbernecker Stamps Blue Flowers 928. We love the fantastic sentiment that she picked out to go on this card. With the die cuts that she used it really makes this card stand out!

Melanie Lebelle for Rubbernecker Stamps using Blue Flowers


We also have Cristena Bagne from Copictopia using Karis (893-04) and That Annoying Moment (812-01). This is a very versitile stamp of ours that can go with almost any sentiment. Cristena picked a sassy one because she said “the girl looks like she is up to something” haha! You should check out Cristena’s blog to see more of what she had to say about putting her card together. There is even something about it reminding her of a TV show. Click the photo to go to Cristena’s blog.

Cristena Bagne for Rubbernecker Stamps using Karis 893-04

Here is our designer Keri Parish from Keri’s Kreativity with Zeke (891-03) and Biggest Adventure (803-04). This is an extremely fun card with all the bright colors and what is fantastic is it is a boy card! How often do we come across great boy/male cards?  She did such a great job with this card!! Click the photo to go to Keri’s blog.

Keri Parish for Rubbernecker Stamps using Zeke

Designer Angela Yearous from Angels Hearts and Memories made this adorable card with Alfie (651-04) and Best Friends (651-09) for us today. We love the way that she was able to color this cute pooch and make him look like he has hair. She did a great job coloring this image and putting all the great papers together. Her little paw embellishments really give it that loving touch! Click the photo to go to Angela’s blog.

Alifie from Rubbernecker Stamps from Angela Yearous

Don’t forget to come back every day and check out what we have that is new and inspiring from our ladies. You will want to go to their blogs so that you can get more details on their cards and see more photos.

If you do make anything with either of these stamps or anything from Rubbernecker Stamps please feel free to share them with us on the Rubbernecker Facebook page!

Until next time friends!!! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, and Pinterest, to connect with us even more!







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