3 Cats in a Tree with Marilynn Scheller

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Marilynn made us a very cute and fun card today with 3 Cats in a Tree (892-15). She picked a very fun sentiment to go with it, Adventures (825-01), which is exactly what the 3 Cats in a Tree are doing today. She made the card look beautiful with her cloud background making the cats look as if they are actually in a bean stalk like Jack. Very beautiful and fun card this week Marilynn!

We hope you enjoy her project today, remember to come back every day and check out what we have that is new and inspiring from our ladies. Check out  Marilynn’s Blog to see more of this card and the information about what she used or did with it, you can CLICK HERE

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We will be starting our challenges back on September 17th be sure to be there so you can have fun with us! 

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3 Cats in Tree 892-15

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Adventures 825-01

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