Annabella Card of Joy

Annabella (1117-08) is a very sweet little stamp that is new to the Rubbernecker Stamp line. She looks as if she is having the time of her life with her sweet little smile. Myndi made her look as if she is doing just that, with the stamps she chose to use with Annabella.  

In the background of Annabella, Myndi used Flying Music (1108). The Flying Music makes her look like she is actually dancing on it the way Myndi has placed Annabella. 

Myndi even used the perfect sentiment for the card as well Your Own Drum (898-04). She also used the Nested Rounded Square stitch dies (5018d) to give it some more fun and texture. This is a very lovely card with everything that Myndi has put together for it. Her coloring is beautiful and matches the color of her cardstock wonderfully. 


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