Brand New – The BEST Thank You Stamp Set!

Rubbernecker Blog thanks

We are calling this the “Best” Thank You stamp set because that’s what our customers are saying about it! And we are SO excited that our brain storm session about what WE wanted for thank you stamps has made you all so happy. In this month of thankfulness, we acknowledge that there are so very many things for which we can be grateful and they aren’t all obvious.

First, let’s take a peek at the stamp set and then we can discuss…

Rubbernecker Blog thanks-648x1000

We wanted to create something that you could use for just about ANY occasion, any reason, for anyone, for anything. We made sure that we added the “for” and “for being” so you could change things up and chose two fonts that work together AND separately so you can use them together, apart, as an all over repeated phrase, cut up and added strip style or just stamped together from one block or in your stamp positioner.

We truly DO think this is if not THE but one of the best thank you stamp set and we hope you find lots of uses for it! Get it now before it sells out – we will get more when it does but you will be sad to have to wait!

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