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Dogs 1 with Ann-Marie Johannson

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johansson-using-Dogs-1-3010

Ann-Marie has a wonderful project for this time of year! Even though she lives in Sweden she knows that people that live in the United States have the Thanksgiving holiday coming up. She made all of us a very needed doggy bag using Dogs 1 (3010) and the matching Dogs 1 die cut set (3010D) as well.  That has to be one of the cutest ideas for this time of year. We know everyone is sending left overs home with […]

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Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #54

Rubbernecker Blog SRS54

Now, It is time for Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #54!  We really hope you love all the great inspiration the girls have had for you this week, because the week is not over yet! We still have a  little more inspiration up our sleeves. Quick reminder, we only have one week left  for the 4th of July challenge, you are not going to want to miss out! If you click HERE you can go directly to the challenge page where you […]

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Dogs 1 with Rae Ann Beyerl

Rubbernecker Blog Rae-Ann-Beyerl-Using-Dogs-1-3010

Rae Ann made us a very cute card today, that can be used for most anything. She used Dogs 1 (3010) with a very cute sentiment from the stamp set. This is one of the new clear sets that also comes with matching die cuts as well Dogs 1 Die Cuts (3010d). Rae Ann did a great job coloring on the dog that goes with this set. We love her background paper that ties everything together as well. This is […]

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Dogs 1 with Ruza Rebel

Rubbernecker Blog Ruza-Rebel-using-Dogs-1

Dogs 1 (3010) is one of the new clear stamp sets. Ruza did a great job coloring this cute little pup. She shows such detail in his fur. The sentiment that she used is in the same stamp set, which makes it very nice. The patterned paper Ruza uses is very nice for this card. The paper makes the card either masculine or feminine so you can use it for anyone that you would like. That makes this card even […]

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