January 2023 Blog Roundup

Rubbernecker Blog RN-Roundup

All in one spot, check out what we covered and learned in January 2023! This month, we did things a little different so our January 2023 blog roundup will look a little different, too. We added some fabulous new Design Team members, looked back at some of our most popular projects from 2022 (and sometimes beyond), and shared some terrific storage ideas and our top ten favorite tools. If you missed anything just click below and you can get all […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Sammi Offield!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Sammi

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Meet our lovely new designer with a glorious eye for color, Sammi Offield.  Sammi has been crafting for over 20 years, moving from scrapbooking to card making. Like many of us, she loves all mediums, especially Copic coloring.  Sammi uses lots of beautiful, saturated color in her projects and they POP off your screen! She gravitates to florals and scene cards, although she loves to create in all different styles. From […]

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Cover Dies For Card Making – Ideas Galore!

Rubbernecker Blog Colorful-Daisies-Card-by-Annie-Williams-for-Rubbernecker-Main

See lots of different ways we show off cover dies for card making – SO much goodness! There are so many cover dies for card making and paper crafting out there and we like to think our designs are a little special. Given how many of these items zip out of here every day, we are thinking YOU are thinking the same thing! Today we’d like to share some of our and your favorite projects shared using cover dies and […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Meghan Kennihan!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Meghan

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Meet Meghan Kennihan, our vibrant new designer! Meghan loves BRIGHT colors, patterned papers and her card making style leans towards cute and whimsical creations. We love the playfulness and color palettes her style brings to the team! When Meghan is not crafting, she is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor.  As you can tell from her profile pictures, she is a fun-loving dog mom to Maddie – another pupper! Meghan is […]

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Top Ten Pro Tools For Card Makers – Five More

Rubbernecker Blog Organize-Your1

See the rest of the list of our favorite top ten pro tools for card makers. Today we are sharing the rest of the top ten pro tools for card makers – tools that we think you can’t really live without. There may be a surprise or two here! Pro Card Making Tool Six – A Non-Stick Craft Mat This is such an unassuming workhorse and it always surprises us how many people don’t have one. We can’t live without […]

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Did Someone Say Ombre Cards?

Rubbernecker Blog Birthday-Bird-IMG3829

Ombre cards are still hot hot hot – come see what WE’VE got! Ombre cards are still all the rage and it’s easy to see why! Beautiful colors – monochromatic or deliciously mixed – all flow into one another down or across a swath to make a gorgeous, melty look. Our designers are big fans of ombre which you can see when you browse our list of posts dedicated to this technique. Let’s take a peek at some family AND […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Ricky Burton-Romero!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Ricky

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Meet our “insanely positive” new designer, Ricky Burton-Romero! Ricky has been making cards for over six years and says his passion for coloring led to many opportunities in the crafting world. It’s so fun to hear how people get started – sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most rewarding! Ricky is an avid animal lover and philanthropist, volunteering his time to many organizations that help animals in need.  We […]

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A Gorgeous Handmade 3D Butterfly Card

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_2540

See why we just had to share this idea for a spectacular handmade 3D butterfly card again! When we first featured this post that showed how to put together this handmade 3D butterfly card, even WE weren’t prepared for how fast this at-the-time brand new set flew out of the store! All of our designers went crazy for it and our fans did too! Adding that simple but so impactful 3D element really creates a dynamic, textural element that you […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Dawn Gavlinski!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Dawn

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Joining us as a brand new designer is Dawn Gavlinksi! Dawn has been crafting since 2009. She started with scrapbooking and made her way to card making; working with paper and dies is her current love language.  Dawn has always been crafty, and prior to her card making adventures, she owned a business where she sold mixed media canvases that she made. We love that! Dawn makes her home in Maryland […]

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Free Stamp Masking Technique Videos

Rubbernecker Blog Stamp-Masking-Techniques-cards

Check out these two stamp masking technique videos for some simple and fun ideas! Last April we featured some excellent stamp masking technique videos in a two part post series and by the “clicks of it”, you loved them. So much so that we thought it would be a good idea to share them again so anyone who missed them could catch them or to inspire you again to play around with this simple but effective way to add so […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Melinda Stearns!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Melinda

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Meet Melinda Stearns, our watercolor wonder woman! Melinda and her husband make their home in a small Northern California town with their dog Darby. Gee – we wonder if it’s a rule you have to have a furry friend to qualify as a card maker! LOL! Melinda started making cards in 2015 and has been completely obsessed ever since! She doesn’t have a card making style per se – she just […]

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Top Ten Pro Card Making Tools – First Five!

Rubbernecker Blog Organize-Your1

See the first five of our top ten pro card making tools you can add to your collection! There’s a joke that being a crafter actually encompasses TWO hobbies – collecting crafting supplies and actually crafting! We though we would share our top ten pro card making tools that solve challenges we all have, making the “collecting” part more valuable. In no particular order, here are our first five suggestions: Pro Card Making Tool One – Something sticky to pick […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Carol Hintermeier!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Carol

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Taking her place in today’s spotlight is our gifted designer, Carol Hintermeier! Carol is sort of our secret weapon designer in that she also shares tips, tricks and innovative designs in her projects that are total game changers. Whether she is sharing a fun, fresh card layout, a new way to use a classic element or making multi-media feel so less scary, Carol seems to an endless spring of ideas in […]

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Martin Luther King Day

Rubbernecker Blog We-Recognize

Learn a little about why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day here in the US. Here in the US, today is designated Martin Luther King Day. Dr. King was the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism during the Civil Rights Movement, which protested racial discrimination in federal and state law. With his birthday being January 15th, his work and legacy is recognized on the third Monday in January and is considered a day of service and and celebration of his life’s […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Jamie Martin!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Jamie

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Meet our fun-loving Designer, Jamie Martin! Jamie started stamping when her kids were tiny and she was a stay-at-home mom. Stamping was her way of relaxing after a fun-filled day with the little ones, now they’re grown-ups and she’s still stamping. (Thank GOODNESS for us!) Her stamping experience has included teaching classes, starting a stamp club in Oklahoma that meets at her house twice a month, and being on several design […]

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Rubbernecker Someone Like You Set Featured

Rubbernecker Blog Someone-Like-You-Stamp-Set

See why the Rubbernecker Someone Like You set is so popular! When we are shows, we often have people come up and ask for something they’ve seen here or on Pinterest or everywhere else you all share our products. One thing we hear a lot is “can you show me the Rubbernecker Someone Like You set?”. With a coordinating die AND a coordinating stencil set, our Someone Like You stamp set is a huge fan favorite and we couldn’t be […]

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Card Making Die Storage Ideas

Learn our favorite card making die storage ideas and get those precious tools organized and ready to use! We know – there are tons and tons of card making die storage ideas out there, from tossing them in a pile (which we do NOT recommend!) to super finicky sorting systems (which we also do not recommend). Remember, the more complicated any system is, the harder it will be to use and maintain. So as with other crafty organizing ideas, we […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Lisa Bzibziak!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Lisa

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! We are so happy to introduce you to Lisa Bzibziak, an all-round creative goddess! We can always count on Lisa to share a fabulous new way to add details, dimension and delight to our cards. In the last few years, Lisa has added lots of new media to her arsenal of creative materials so you will find lots of interesting and captivating looks on her projects including colorful Copics, tantalizing textures […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Julie Warner!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Julie

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! Joining us now is the incredibly talented Julie Warner who always has a surprise up her (inky) sleeve! Julie Warner is our Associate Designer who is actually the artist behind the coloring of our product artwork for packaging. The next time you pick up one of our goodies and marvel at how FUN they look you can thank Julie for her fabulous eye! Julie is a Texan now living in northern […]

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Meet Our Design Team Members One on One – Kittie Caracciolo!

Rubbernecker Blog DT-Collage-Kittie1

Meet the members of the Rubbernecker Design Team 2023! First up, you know her, you love her, you fall off your chairs at her die cut creations – we welcome Kittie Caracciolo to the stage! Kittie is our Rubbernecker Exclusive Associate Designer. This means that not only does Kittie use exclusively our stamps and dies, but she also helps design some of our products. She even has her own line of dies and stamps in our Rubbernecker store! After a […]

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Cool Effects With Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil!

Rubbernecker Blog 4105-wavy-lines-500x500-1

See why the Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil has been a fan favorite since the day it launched! As you know, this month we are sharing favorite projects from the past year (and beyond!) chosen by our panel of experts – all of YOU and all of US! Today we are featuring a card that blew you all away using the almost-famous Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil. You might have seen it recently in our post showing off cards that sparkle. Let’s take a […]

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