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Owen & Jeter with Keri Parish

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish-using-Owen-Jeter-891-25

The card Keri made us using Owen & Jeter (891-25) is positively adorable. We love her coloring on the pair. It is very cute that she made them look like they were walking down the sidewalk with her beautiful embellishments.   Using the sentiment Foolish (504-10) is truly makes you smile when looking at this card. This is defiantly a very sweet friendship card, that any friend would love to receive.  We hope you enjoy her card today, remember to come back […]

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Fern with Rae Ann Beyerl

Rubbernecker Blog Rae-Ann-Beyerl-using-rubbernecker-stamps-Fern

Rae Ann did a great job making Fern (758-02) look absolutely fabulous. She colored Fern so well that she really stands out on the card. The way Rae Ann put her embellishments on the card it draws your eyes all over the card and back to Fern. Just amazing the way Rae Ann always accomplishes this.  Pairing up Fern with Classy (648-02) makes a fantastic card for any friend or family member.  We hope you enjoy her card today, remember […]

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Fern with Tina Goodwin

Rubbernecker Blog Tina-Goodwin-using-Fern-758-02

Tina’s card with Fern (758-02 ) is gorgeous. She has really inspired us with her beautiful coloring. The way she made the ripples in Fern’s dress stand out is fantastic. Using the matching Fern die cut (758-02 d) really helped Fern look beautiful, and saved Tina some cutting time. Tina’s magnificent embellishments, they really just make you say “Wow”. Tina really has a touch, a flare to get embellishments to look so very perfect together! We hope you enjoy her […]

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Fern with Melanie Labelle

Rubbernecker Blog Melanie-Labelle-using-Rubbernecker-Stamps-Fern

Fern (758-02) is looking especially delightful today. Melanie has made her stand out beautifully on the card she made for our inspiration today. The cut around Fern is amazing. Melanie saved herself from all the fussy cutting by using Fern Die Cut (758-02D) to get that nice and close. The Flourish Shadow Background (708) looks fantastic on this card. Flourish Shadow Background brings in the texture and depth into the card. The sentiment stands out beautifully Good Friends (642-13). Making […]

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