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Always Be Yourself

Rubbernecker Blog Jennifer-Greco-using-Jazzy-Birthday

Hello everyone! One of the team’s favorite stamps is the Be Yourself (895-02) birds.  They have done them in so many ways, with so many sentiments. However, we don’t think anyone has ever used them in such a fun way, as Jennifer has, with the Jazzy Birthday (898-03) sentiment.  Jennifer made a fun birthday card with the Be Yourself birds having a jazzy birthday party with Flying Music (1108) included. They look like they are having a very fun time. […]

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Annabella with Myndi Fraser

Rubbernecker Blog Myndi-Fraser-using-Rubbernecker-Stamps-Annabella

Annabella (1117-08) is a very sweet little stamp that is new to the Rubbernecker Stamp line. She looks as if she is having the time of her life with her sweet little smile. Myndi made her look as if she is doing just that, with the stamps she chose to use with Annabella.   In the background of Annabella, Myndi used Flying Music (1108). The Flying Music makes her look like she is actually dancing on it the way Myndi has placed Annabella.  Myndi even […]

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