Create A Garden with Ruza Rebel

Create a Garden Set 1 (512) is a beautiful stamp set. Our designer, Ruza Rebel, has done a great job showing us just how beautiful it can be.  Ruza always does beautiful backgrounds on her cards that add to the greatness of the stamps she is using, bringing everything to life in what she creates. She is always giving us that “Wow” moment when we look at her inspiring cards.

Ruza did use a few of our stamps, not just the one. She also used Sending You Thanks Sentiment (732-05) and the Freehand Line Set (901). One of the things that makes her card look so great is she also used our Watercolor Paper.

What makes ours so much different than the others? Ours is felt based instead of pulp based. We have it special made for all of our beautiful watercolor stamps. You are asking felt? Yes, the difference is that with pulp based watercolor paper the water and the colors all sit on the top of the paper, allowing the water to move your colors around more than you may want them to. Felt based watercolor paper that we have lets the paper absorb the color and the water faster pulling it into the paper instead of just puddling on the top. So if you ever feel you cannot achieve the look you want with our watercolor stamps and you are not using our paper… you may want to give ours a try. Just look at how beautiful Ruza’s cards look and you will see the difference.

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