Cute Bears and Fairy Tales

Hello Wednesday! Anyone need a giggle for their day? Our designer is bringing us the laughs with the Slow Down (818-03) sentiment. She thought with face Bear (895-12) is making, they would be a lot of fun together. While she was at it she threw in Margarita Glass (639-02) as well. 

She did use the matching Bear die cut (895-12d) and Margarita Glass die cut (639-02d). Although she used the Nested Circle Small Stitch die cuts (5012d) to cut out the sentiment on. She also used the Nested Oval Small Stitch die cuts (5014d) to put the Bear, Margarita Glass and the Slow Down sentiment on. You can tell she had a lot of fun with this card. 


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Rubbernecker Blog 818-03-1

Rubbernecker Blog 895-12-1

Rubbernecker Blog 895-12D-1


Rubbernecker Blog 639-02-1

Rubbernecker Blog 639-02D-1

Rubbernecker Blog 5014D-1

Rubbernecker Blog 5012D-1

Rubbernecker Blog CO2-1

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