Exciting New Christmas Stamps Release!

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We are so very excited to be announcing that there is a lot of new Christmas stamps available! There is a total of 78 new stamps over at the Rubbernecker website. They were just released today! but before you rush over to get your new stamps, our team was able to put a couple of cards together for your inspiration with them.


We even have a guest designer with us today! Ann-Marie Johansson from Annemis. She is made 3 cards for us using some of the new stamps. The first card she made was actually with the new Watercolor Pine Tree Set (977). Only she used them a little differently by coloring in the insides which looks wonderful! If you would like to see how they look with the Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts you can see that on the Rubbernecker Stamps website. But she did a great job with them and used a fantastic new sentiment Magic Of The Season (980-09).

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The next two cards she made outstanding easel cards. Ann-Marie used Bears Eating Santa’s Cookies (961-02) and Most Wonderful (981-01) sentiment.

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-For-Rubbernecker-Stamps-using-Polar-Bears-3-1024x790

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-For-Rubbernecker-Stamps-using-Polar-Bears-4-1024x610

The last card that Ann-Marie made for us is using It’s All Fun (981-07) sentiment, which is perfect for the new stamp Bears Sledding (961-03). She did such a great job on these cards. Ann-Marie makes them come to life with her backgrounds that she created and her coloring is outstanding! We are so happy that she was willing to be a guest designer for us!

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Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-For-Rubbernecker-Stamps-using-Polar-Bears-2-1024x633




The Santa With Christmas Bell (962-01) is a great stamp! Full of detail and just makes a great Christmas card. You can see here what our designer Myndi Fraser has done with it. As always her card and coloring look amazing! She also used our Snowflake frame background stamp as well.

Rubbernecker Blog Myndi-Fraser-for-Rubbernecker-Stamps-Using-1-1024x1024


The second stamp we would like to show you Snowman with Present (963-03). This little cutie has many different looks as well just like the Santa does. Our designer Ruza Rebel did a fabulous job highlighting this stamp for us. Her fantastic coloring and great card making skills make the Snowman card look great!

Rubbernecker Blog Ruza-Rebel-for-Rubbernecker-Stamp-using-Snowman-with-Present-874x1024

We have two cards from our designer Cristena Bagne today to highlight 4 new stamps. The first card she has Santa Needs A Hug (964) and You Get Socks (981-09). She picked a great sentiment to go along with Santa Needs a Hug for this Christmas card. This is another Santa stamp that has great detail for shadowing while coloring.

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_5581-865x1024


These two stamps that Cristena is highlighting are fantastic as well. Cristena decided the bird had so much detail on the Snowman With A Pot Hat (965) that she would leave it white to look like a dove for Christmas. She put it along with our new sentiment Under The Tree (981-06).

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All of these cards are fantastic but there are so many more stamps that we have released today so be sure to go over and check them all out at the Rubbernecker Stamps website. If you don’t follow the links here you can always just click on “New Arrivals” and it will take you to everything we have that is new for this release.




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  1. Can you believe we are thinking Christmas already ! anyway I am loving the polar bears and I have to check out the coloring job on the trees.

  2. Very inspiring – LOVE the layers, especially on the Santa card. Sends me off in new directions as I begin to think about Christmas! The polar bears are too adorable.

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