Paper Flower Shaping Video Tutorial

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I am so excited to be sharing a paper flower shaping video tutorial today.  I have been trying to get up the courage to do videos for a long time and I finally decided to bite the bullet and get to it.  No one was injured in the making of this tutorial.  LOL!  I have had so many of you ask for videos and it is my hope to build my skills and bring you informative tutorials on how I create flowers, scene building with dies and lots and lots more.

For my flower shaping project I used the Rubbernecker Nested Square SetOrganic Shapable Daisy and Color Fuse Set 6 and Set 11

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Coloring and Flower Shaping

  • Cut four sets of the flower using white cardstock and three foliage sections using green cardstock.
  • Apply Fern green ink to the green foliage sections to add depth of color.
  • Place the flowers front side up and apply Lavender ink with a mini applicator to fully color each petal.
  • Turn the flowers face down and color around the back edges of each petal so the white doesn’t show when they are shaped.
  • Use needle nose pliers to curl the flower petals,  Curl one side of each petal back and cur the other side forward.  Note:  I switched up back and forth on which side of the petals I curled.  By alternating the sides it created more opportunity for the flower to look more natural with they were all attached together.
  • Begin attaching the flower sections together using glossy accents.  Bend all the flower petals up with your fingers to create dimension.
  • Form the tiny flower centers using a small tipped stylus and molding pad and attach them to the flower center using glossy accents.  Note:  I used all four of the tiny centers to create a fluffy center for the flower.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5301-05D-Organic-Shapable-Daisy-3-center

The Shadow Box Frame

I didn’t include making the shadow box frame in the video but I promise I will make one soon so you can see how easy it is to make.

  • Cut a 5.00″ square white card base and cut a 6.50″ square piece of white cardstock for the shadow box frame.
  • Score each side of the 6.50″ square at 1.00″ and .50″.
  • Place the frame on the Crossover platform and use the score lines to line up the square die to cut the opening.
  • Use the next smaller die in the set to cut the mat frame .
  • Color the mat frame border using the Lavender ink and a mini applicator.
  • Cut each of the corners out of the frame using your snips. Note:  The score lines cross over each other and provide the perfect lines for cutting out the corners.
  • Apply mounting tape strips all the way around on the inside of the frame opening and attach the frame to the lavender mat frame.  Note:  I like the separation between the front frame opening and the lavender frame. I think it adds interest to the project.
  • Fold the box flaps in at both the 1.00″ and .50″ and use bone folder to create clean crease lines all the way around.
  • Fold the frame flaps in and attach them together at the corners using double stick tape.
  • Apply double stick tape to the back of all four sides of the frame and attach it to the card base.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5301-05D-Organic-Shapable-Daisy-3-left

Finish the Project

  • Secure the foliage sections in place on the inside of the frame and attach using glossy accents. 
  • Apply a good amount of glossy accents to the back of the flower and attach it to the card base.
  • Cut two thin strips of cardstock and color them with Lavender ink and a mini applicator.
  • Gently form the strips with your fingers to create a slight curve and attach them under the flower using glossy accents.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my flower shaping video.  Now that I have this first iPhone video under my belt and have figured out a few simple video editing techniques in iMovie I feel more confident to make more tutorials.  Please feel free to leave me comments below with suggestions of tutorials you would like to see.  Thank you so much for coming by today.  Happy Sunday and I hope you will be staying home and staying safe.

Here are the Rubbernecker products used for this project.

Rubbernecker Blog 5001D-2T
Nested Square Die Cut Set 5001D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5301-05D-2T
5301-05D Organic Shapable Daisy Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET6-2T
Color Fuse Set #6
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET11-2T
Color Fuse Set #11
[ RBB ]

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