Happy Birthday Hippo!

Everyone needs a bit of fun bright birthday inspiration and fun. Our designer brings you just that with the card she has made for you today. She used the very fun and cute Hippo (3104) stamp set. You can use the hippos either with their own stamp set with all the fun elements and the matching Hippo die cuts (3104D) or you can use them with the other stamp sets as well. 

She used the Nested Rectangle Scallop Die Cut (5028D) set to put a nice texture on her background layer. Doing this she was able to make the layer stand out just a bit more with a feminine touch. She also used the Nested Rectangle Die Cuts (5003D) to get her layers nice and even. It is a great way to save some time, paper and get your layers spot on. For a last bit of fun she used the Nested Rectangle w/Pierce Die Cuts (5023D). The nice thing about all of our nested die cuts is they are coordinated to work together to get all your layers looking perfect no matter which ones you use. 

For the main background she used Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts (CBSET-3 & LMSET-2). She used a paint tray to add water to her Color Bursts, then put them on using her water brush. She used the Rubbernecker Stamps Watercolor Paper with her project because she says it works the best with the Color Bursts for her. 


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Rubbernecker Blog 3104-1

Rubbernecker Blog 3104D-1


Rubbernecker Blog 5003D-1



Rubbernecker Blog 5028D-1


Rubbernecker Blog 5023D-1

Rubbernecker Blog Cbset-3-1

Rubbernecker Blog LMset-2-1


Rubbernecker Blog CO2-1

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