How To Combine Stencils On Cards

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Today, some tricks for how to combine stencils on cards!

It can be tricky to figure out how to combine stencils on cards, like this example today from Lisa, where she wanted to have two textures meet on her fun birthday card. But of course Lisa is FULL of helpful tips and today she’s sharing her clever way of using two completely different stencils on the same card in a way that looks AWESOME! Let’s jump right in!

First, Lisa made her little characters by stamping the images from our Pirates Under the High Seas set onto Copic friendly paper, colored them in with her assortment of bright colors and cut them all out with our coordinating die.

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She also used our Palm Trees die set on more of the same paper and colored them. PRO TIP: Lisa chose to hand color these elements instead of cut them from colored paper because she loves to get that perfect color match/combo with all her parts and pieces. That really shows!

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To have everything ready, Lisa assembled her little characters and trees with some liquid glue and set them aside to dry.

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Next, Lisa cut a panel of white card stock using the largest of the dies from our Nested Deckle Rectangle set. She sprayed our Sand stencil with Pixie spray to hold it in place to keep her lines sharp. She also masked off the area outside of where her “beach” ended so the ink wouldn’t bleed through. PRO TIP: Choose a section of the stencil that makes a nice border or edge for your feature and ink up to it to give you a nice clean stopping point.

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Then Lisa removed the stencil and used the edge of a scrap of card stock as a moving mask to buff some light brown ink over her stenciled area to add to the shading of the sandy area.

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To create a mask for the edge of her shore, Lisa used a piece of scrap card stock and using the leftover ink on her blending brush, inked through the stencil at that line mentioned above in her PRO TIP and cut along that line. SO SMART!

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She taped this mask down over her panel onto her work surface (to keep the tape out of the way). She also decided where she wanted her horizon and masked that off with more washi tape. She then added her Pixie spray to the back of our Wavy stencil, laid it over the masked areas and inked her shades of blue through it to make her ocean.

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Using her scraps again, Lisa laid an edge over her waves and blended yellow, orange and red into her sky.

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And because she just HAD to show off (lol), Lisa added our Sun Burst stencil over her glorious sky and buffed some dark yellow ink to give that hint of the setting sun sinking into the sea.

She now added her die cut elements using foam squares, stamped and trimmed her sentiments and added a few sequins and this amazing, multi-stenciled card was ready to share!

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Here are the fun things you will want to add to your next order to reproduce this card at home:
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We are really excited to see this awesome example of how to combine stencils on cards – we just love how all three of these worked together and the brilliant way Lisa showed off how to do it!




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