Merry Christmas from Rubbernecker Stamps

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Rubbernecker Stamps and the entire design team would like to wish you all a very, very merry Christmas! Both of the design teams got together to bring you as much Christmas cheer and inspiration as possible. We want to thank you for being with us on Christmas.

Did you get everything that you wanted for Christmas? Rob is being a wonderful Christmas Elf and building a new Rubbernecker Stamps online store! How amazing is he!?! We can’t wait to see it! Don’t worry you will be able to get back to shopping on the site very soon! We will keep you updated.

We have a lot of inspiration with every team member, we better get started. The first fantastic card that we have is from Melanie Labelle using Ornament Branches (966). The background with her coloring looks amazing, it is a very vintage look and very beautiful. The sentiment Most Wonderful ( 981-01) really brings it all together the font goes so well with the Ornament Branches stamp. They make a beautiful pair. If you would like to see more of Melanie’s card you can click on the photo of her card below.

Rubbernecker Blog Melanie-Labelle-using-Ornament-branches


We have a good laugh together when the team members tend to share great minds. This is what Melanie Labelle and Keri Parish both did for Christmas. It is wonderful how both the cards are completely different using the same stamp, It creates so much inspiration.

Keri Parish our other amazing design team member also used Ornament Branches. Keri decided to use different colors and sentiment. Her sentiment she used is Merry Christmas Lights (980-02). This card looks so cheerful with the classic colors of Christmas. Keri also used Merry Christmas Frame (987), which is a very fun frame! Keri did a great job with her Christmas inspiration.  If you would like to see more of Keri’s great card you can click on the photo of her card below.

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish-Ornament-Branch

Ann-Marie Johansson made us a very fun Christmas card for her bit of inspiration today. She used Moose With Lights (72-06) and made it look like he knocked over Christmas Tree 2 (971-02). She gave us a good giggle with this sweet card. This is a wonderful sentiment she used as well. The sentiment is Christmas Be Filled (982-04). She used a bigger sized card so that it would fit all these fantastic stamps. She also brought it all together with the Merry Christmas Frame (987). Doesn’t it makes you smile?  If you would like to see more about her card you can click on the photo of it below.

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johnsson-using-Moose-with-lights

We have another case of great minds think alike. Ruza also used the Moose With Lights, but hers is smaller because it came from Cause a Scene #2. This set comes with a lot of different great stamps. The trees, moose and cabins. You can do a lot with this set. Ruza’s coloring is great. We always love seeing everything that she puts together.  The sentiment came from Snowflake & Stardust stamp set, beautiful sentiment. If you would like to see more from Ruza please click on the photo of her card to go to her blog.

Rubbernecker Blog Ruza-Rebel-using-moose-with-lights


Angela Yearous brought us a very fun card! The sentiment is very true! You Get Socks (981-09) is a great sentiment. It goes perfectly with the new Santa and Sleigh (968) stamp. She did a magnificent job coloring this stamp. Her die cut deer make a fantastic addition. This card really brings the seasons cheer and laughter. To see more from Angela click the photo of her card to go to her blog.

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Yearous-using-Santa-and-Sleigh


Rae Ann Beyerl made us a card with Mr. Stix a sweet classic looking snowman that anyone can love. Her colors scheme is wonderful. Her coloring and shading look marvelous. The font of the sentiment and the sentiment itself go so well with Mr. Stix. Mr. Stix and May The Joys (980-08) both have that classic look. Rae Ann has a great eye for putting stamps together. If you would like to see more about Rae Ann please click on the photo of her card below to go to her blog.

Rubbernecker Blog Rae-Ann-using-Mr-Stix

Angela Kelley brought us not one but two gorgeous cards using Watercolor Trees (). they both have great color and shading. But one of them Angela decided to make look like the beautiful Northern Lights. She did a stunning job on both cards. Her shadows are just amazing on the first one. The trees really look like they are on snowy mountain sides. If you would like to see more about Angela or her cards you can click on the photos below to go to her blog.

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Kelley-using-Watercolor-Trees-2

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Kelley-using-Watercolor-Trees


Myndi Fraser made us a very elegant and beautiful card using the Merry Christmas Frame (987) and Snowflakes and Stardust. She did a lot of beautiful embossing on the card. Her embellishments make the card very festive. The card is incredible. To see more about Myndi please click on the photo of her card below to go to her blog.

Rubbernecker Blog Mindy-Fraser-using-Snowflakes-and-Stardust


Our last but not least card to wish you a merry Christmas is from Cristena Bagne. She decided to make the sentiment the star of the show on her card. Cristena used the MC Flourish Script (657-01) stamp. She used fantastic patterned paper to make the stamp stand out and shine. The embellishments she used bring added joy to the card, making you smile. If you would like to see more about Cristena click on the photo of her card below.

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_5737

The whole team wishes you the happiest of Christmas joys. We thank you for spending your days with us leaving your comments, that we love to read.  We can’t wait to show you more cards and inspiration in the year to come.

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