Moose With Lights Inspiration

Moose With Lights (72-06) is a Christmas stamp that will always make people smile.  Angela has done a great job giving us some wonderful inspiration to use this stamp. Who can resist this Moose With Lights anyway?

Angela made this card look so festive with her patterned paper and embellishments. She has made us say Wow once again with her puffy embellishments on the rim of the hat and her over all creativeness.

Angela also picked a great new sentiment to go with this card. She used Merry & Bright (980-03).


2 thoughts on “Moose With Lights Inspiration

  1. How fun is that card?? Made me laugh today, which was wonderful. I will have to figure out how to do the puffy fur. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  2. Fun stamp ,it would be perfect for my cousin in Vermont. I don’t think they could get the moose that walks through their front yard to stop so the can hang lights on his antlers. 🙂

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