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We are very excited to be posting a fantastic video tutorial of the Watercolor Butterfly 3 done by Dave Miller from Rubbernecker Stamps!! We have been Rubbernecker Blog 943-247x300 using the Watercolor Butterflies and the Color Bursts on our cards. How about a superb idea and technique on getting those Butterfly stamps lined up? or even the other watercolor stamps? Dave is a master at this!

There are several things that you can use the color bursts on and many different ways. We are hoping to bring you more and more videos on different things with Rubbernecker Stamps! We hope that you will enjoy them all!

Dave is the one that is actually responsible for this lovely card that features Watercolor Butterfly #3 (945) and Freehand Border Phrases (900).  This card is so bright and cheery! The colors that he used in his butterfly are beautiful! Let’s take a look at the video and see how he does this…

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