Sing with the Caroling Penguins from Designer Ruza Rebel

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These little Caroling Penguins (659-08) really want to make you sing. Our designer, Ruza Rebel, really did a great job bringing these little guys to life. She used her outstanding skills of cutting things out and giving the card dimension with every element on this project. It is just fantastic. The background on this card really makes it pop.

Check out Ruza’s blog to see more of these wonderful penguins and the information about what she used or did with it, you can CLICK HERE. Don’t forget to come back every day and check out what we have that is new and inspiring from our ladies.

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6 thoughts on “Sing with the Caroling Penguins from Designer Ruza Rebel

  1. The colors also really make it pop! This is a wonderful card and I’m going to visit your blog to learn more about how you did it. Thanks so much.

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