Summer Girl Breezy Layered Card

Summer Girl Breezy (676-01) looks beautiful with inspirational card Melanie has brought us today. She always brings us the most amazing cards with all her beautiful coloring. Her die cuts always look amazing. She used Summer Girl Breezy Die Cut (676-01D) to make her cutting easy for this card. Nothing more fantastic than no fussy cutting for a card.

The sentiment she used Chocolate tastes sentiment (814-03) is something we believe every woman no matter her body type can relate to, and makes us all giggle a bit. Using it with Summer Girl Breezy, she actually looks like she is contemplating eating some chocolate, it looks perfect! For the background Melanie used Star Flower (682). When Melanie used Star Flower in the background it brings some texture to the card and brings forward some more outstanding design.

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