Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #25 with Team 2

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Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday everyone!!! I know you are just waiting to see the great new inspiration from the team. But, I think you are also wondering WHO WON! am I right? You have all been commenting such sweet things that we are happy that we have random.org to help us out! So are you ready? Good!!

 Our winner for this week is…… (drum roll please)

Rhonda Witwer

She left us this fantastic comment on designer Cristena Bagne’s inspiration this week “This is the best card I’ve seen yet! Perhaps my sense of humor comes through, but I LOVE this one. The colors, textures, sentiment, special effects. All of it. Simply the Best. Thanks.”

you will be winning the following stamps: Penguin (895-22) and I Love Everybody (811-03)

Rubbernecker Blog Penguin-I-Love-Everybody-from-Rubbernecker-by-Copictopia

Please email RNDT@rubberneckerblog.com with your shipping information so we can get these things out to you. Congrats Janet!! We are very excited to have you as our winner this week and to be able to send you these awesome stamps!

Now that we are all pumped up and excited about someone winning some great stamps… let see what other inspirations team 1 has for us! They have some great ones! The inspirations are going to be a little lighter during the holiday season. We want to let our designers get through the busy time of the year and still be able to take a breath.  So please don’t forget to see everyone’s creations during the week as well. Don’t forget to comment during the week, so you can win some great stamps!

This week you are going to be inspired by Rubbernecker designers Melanie Labelle and Cristena Bagne.

First up we have the lovely Melanie Labelle using Snowman With Present (963-03). These snowmen are so very cute indeed, Melanie just makes them look that much cuter! She has so many different textures that keeps your eye moving all over the card, but they always bring you right back to our sweet little Snowman. The sentiment that she is using is Magic of the Season (980-09).  The card is so sweet and inspiring. If you would like to see more about her card or about Melanie please click on her card photo below, it will take you to her blog.

Rubbernecker Blog Melanie-Labelle-for-Rubbernecker-stamps-using-snowman-with-present


Next we have Cristena Bagne using Gator (895-08). Gator is a very sweet stamp as well. Cristena has made a great background. Her layers have lots of texture and fun things going on that go well with the sentiment You’re So Fabulous (824-04).  If you would like to see more about this card or Cristena you can click on her photo of her card below to go to her blog.

Rubbernecker Blog cristena-bagne-for-rubbernecker-stamps-using-gator

Don’t forget to come back every day and check out what we have that is new and inspiring from our ladies the rest of the week. You will want to go to their blogs so you can get more details on their cards and see more photos.

You will want to make sure to comment on the posts all week long as well so you can win some fantastic stamps!

If you would like to get these stamps you can always click the names of the stamps and it will take you directly to where they are located in our store.

If you do make anything with either of these stamps or anything from Rubbernecker Stamps please feel free to share them with us on the Rubbernecker Facebook page!

Until next time friends!!! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, to connect with us even more! Don’t forget to leave comments! We and the team love your comments, you might even win something inspiring!


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  1. Wow – Thank you so much. I am excited to play with penguins! You keep inspiring me to stamp and to keep playing and for that I doubly thank you.

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