Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #31

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Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday everyone!!! 

We have a lot of inspiration for you this week with our designers from Team 2! We are excited to show all of it to you.

But first, we also want to take this chance to remind you of our new challenges we are rolling out this coming Tuesday!! We have been saying a little something all week long but it is only 2 days away!! We are all so excited!  It is super easy to participate in the challenges! It will also give you a chance not only to WIN awesome prizes but a chance for you to use all those great stamps you have been winning! While we would love to tell you everything here.. we don’t want to give to much of the surprise away… So we better get on with it!

Cristena Bagne brought us a really fun card using a few different stamp sets.  She did a great job on Chicken Coop (726-01) and the Birds (895-06) stamp set. To make it really look like the Chicken’s work she used Chicken Wire Background (58-01). The fun part of the card as well, and makes it for a good laugh is That Annoying Moment (812-01). If you would like to see more from Cristena or hear more about her card please feel free to go to her blog by clicking on the photo of her card.

Rubbernecker Blog rubbernecker-up-in-flames-Cristena-Bagne  

 Our amazing designer Keri Parish is bringing us more fun with her card today. Keri used Bird and Cat (895-15). Bird and Cat is a very fun stamp that you can put with a lot of different sentiments for a good laugh. Keri decided to use Cat suits and a Plan (817-01), a fantastic sentiment for friendship. She did a great job of coloring, especially her bird that looks like it matches her patterned paper exactly. What a fantastic bit of inspiration. You can see more about this card or more of Keri’s work by clicking the photo below.

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish-for-Rubbernecker-Stamps-using-Bird-and-Cat

Angela Yearous made us this super cute Pup (895-09) card.  Her coloring is great, he looks as if he has some rough bits of fur. The coloring really brings Pup to life. Her patterned paper ties in wonderfully with the whole card. Angela used the Sometimes (791-02) , which can go with many different cards. YOu can use this sentiment for dogs, cats, babies and anything else you can think of. You can see more about this card or more of Angela’s work by clicking the photo below.

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Yearous-for-Rubbernecker-Stamps-using-Pup


Last but not least we have our designer, Ann-Marie Johansson, who made an amazing get well card for us. She used a great sentiment to make the star while using other stamps as the background, and as embellishments. The card looks fantastic! Ann-Marie used Bandage (652-03) which looks like a real bandage she did so well on the coloring! She used Pill Bottle (652-01), and Bandage Box (652-02) as well for this great card. You can see more about this card or more of  Ann-Marie’s work by clicking the photo below.

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-using-Bandage

Don’t forget to come back every day and check out what we have that is new and inspiring from our ladies. You will want to go to their blogs so that you can get more details on their cards and see more photos.

Don’t forget our new challenge starting on Tuesday, Jan 17th!

If you do make anything with either of these stamps or anything from Rubbernecker Stamps please feel free to share them with us on the Rubbernecker Facebook page!

Until next time friends!!! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, to connect with us even more! Don’t forget to leave comments! We and the team love your comments, you might even win something inspiring!

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