Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #32

Sweet Rubbernecker Sunday #32 Everyone!!

This is a sweet Rubbernecker Sunday and you will find out soon! We have some fantastic new inspiration for you! You are going to love every moment of it!

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Now lets get onto our wonderful designers and what they have brought for us today. They inspire us all time it is so fantastic!

 Our amazing designer Myndi Fraser brought us some very fun by using Kiandra (894-11) and the Tired Of Shopping (511-01) stamp.  We love her layout and how everything moves your eye around the card seeing something new every time you look at it.

Rubbernecker Blog Myndi-Fraser-using-Kiandra


Now we have Angela Kelley, She is bringing you a beautiful, thoughtful card to give to someone anytime.  She used the sentiment Sometimes (791-02) as the focal point of the card. Using Color Bursts and Les Miserables (673) for her background.

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Kelley-using-Sometimes

Last but not least we have our designer, Ruza Rebel. Who did an outstanding job with this journal that she made for her friend. She used to Coffee and Tea Inchies (424) to make the journal cover. It looks fantastic!
The card is a fabulous work of art, full of inspiration. 

Rubbernecker Blog Ruza-Rebel-using-Coffee-and-Tea-Inchies


Don’t forget to come back every day and check out what we have that is new and inspiring from our ladies. You will want to go to their blogs so that you can get more details on their cards and see more photos.

Don’t forget to join in our great challenge! You wont want to miss it! there are some great prizes to be had!

If you do make anything with either of these stamps or anything from Rubbernecker Stamps please feel free to share them with us on the Rubbernecker Facebook page!

Until next time friends!!! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, to connect with us even more! Don’t forget to leave comments! We and the team love your comments, you might even win something inspiring!



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