Zeke with Angela Kelley

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Kelley-using-Zeke

Angela really made us smile with Zeke (891-03) this week. She used a sentiment from a die cut that says “Dude”. Then, she really made Zeke embody that word for all it is. Her coloring is supreme of Zeke this week. The whole card is a bunch of fun for anyone to get. The other half of the sentiment is Happy Birthday (3031). She added dude as a fun touch to the sentiment. She added some texture to the card […]

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Wild Garden Frame with Ann-Marie Johansson

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johansson-using-Wild-Gardon-Frame

Thank goodness it is Friday! Especially if you are crafters that only get to craft on the weekend!! Then this card is for you! Ann-Marie brought us another astounding creation! We already know that she likes to create on different kinds of paper, not just white. She likes Kraft paper and other colors. Well this time she is bringing us black paper – and we are not sure if she intended it – but it looks like chalk. It looks […]

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Brush Butterflies with Mary Prasad

Rubbernecker Blog Mary-Prasad-using-Rubbernecker-Stamps-Brush-Butterflies

We are so very excited and happy to bring you another one of our newest team members! Mary Prasad has made us this gorgeous Brush Butterflies (3018) card today. When we first saw this we was completely awestruck! All the beautiful purples with the soft flowers on the patterned paper background. What really stood out for us on the card, Mary made for us today, was the beautiful way she stamped all the other butterflies. She stamped them ever so […]

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Lilies with Keri Parish

Rubbernecker Blog Keri-Parish-using-Rubbernecker-Stamps-Lilies

It is the middle of the week, only a few more days to go until we can hopefully craft all weekend! In less you are already crafting all week long. We know that our sweet Keri works very hard all week long so her weekends are screaming for crafting time! So when she puts on her crafting shoes she brings us magnificent works of art like this card with the Liliies (711) and Lilies matching die cut (711d). All of […]

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Merry Christmas Flourish Script with Ann-Marie Johansson

Rubbernecker Blog Ann-Marie-Johansson-for-rubbernecker-stamps-using-MC-Florish-Script

Ann-Marie made a beautiful Christmas card for us today. She made the sentiment Merry Christmas Flourish Script (657-01) stand out alone. She made it look amazing. The Snowflake Frame (656) surrounds the sentiment making it look as if the snow is surrounding the Merry Christmas Flourish Script stamp like it is really going to snow. It also looks the same way ice surrounds the outer part of the window in the winter when it gets to cold. Don’t forget to […]

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