Zeke and Woody Go Surfing!

Rubbernecker Blog Jennifer-Greco-using-Zeke

We are going to start Monday out the way most of us would love to spend Monday… on the beach with Zeke (891-03). Jennifer did an awesome job of putting Zeke and Woody (567-01) together using KKCS Beach Master (3012) in there for her background. It all looks so magnificent! We don’t know about you but we for sure want to head to the beach right now! 

Jennifer was even very creative to stick our new clear stamp Hippo (3104) in there as well for a sweet and cute Happy Birthday sentiment. She also changed her card style from the traditional card style to a rounded rectangle using the Nested Rounded Corner Rectangle small Stitch (5017D). Way to go this week Jennifer!! 

If you do make anything with this stamp or anything from Rubbernecker Stamps please feel free to share them with us on the Rubbernecker Facebook page!


Rubbernecker Blog Supply-List-blue

Rubbernecker Blog 891-03-1

Zeke 891-03

Rubbernecker Blog 3012-1

3012 KKCS Beach Master

Rubbernecker Blog 567-01-1

Woody – 567-01

Rubbernecker Blog 3104-1

3104 Hippo

Rubbernecker Blog 5017D-1

Nested Rounded Corner Rectangle small Stitch 5017D

Rubbernecker Blog pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28

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