Zeke Surfs!!!

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Kelley-using-Zeke

Angela really made us smile with Zeke (891-03) this week. She used a sentiment from a die cut that says “Dude”. Then, she really made Zeke embody that word for all it is. Her coloring is supreme of Zeke this week. The whole card is a bunch of fun for anyone to get.

The other half of the sentiment is Happy Birthday (3031). She added dude as a fun touch to the sentiment. She added some texture to the card by using Vertical Stripe (686). Angela is always good for inspiring us to use our background stamps. If you are wondering how she got that great texture that looks like water, that is Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts (107).

Rubbernecker Blog pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28

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