Beautiful Handmade Butterfly Greeting Cards!

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You won’t believe how easy these handmade butterfly greeting cards are to make!

When someone needs to be cheered up or when you just want to let someone know you are thinking about them, one of these handmade butterfly greeting cards are perfect because they suit any reason to reach out. Today Julie has made a card for us that has so much color and is so visually appealing and she used some super easy techniques to get this pretty look. Let’s check it out!

First, Julie cut a panel of white card stock with a die from our Nested Rectangle Stitch set and ran a couple of side by side strips of painter’s tape top to bottom about 1/3 of the way from the left. On that section to the left, she sponged over some shades of ink from Color Fuse Sets #6, 9 and 10. Then she placed her piece in her stamp positioner and stamped flowers using our Amazing Blooms set over in more shades from those same Color Fuse Ink sets. While she still had the panel in her positioner, she stamped her greeting in a bold black ink.

Julie then removed the painter’s tape and added some slivers cut from scraps to build a little divider between the beautiful, loaded with depth stamped area and the stark white. PRO TIP: Adding little borders of coordinating colors between an area with a lot of visual interest and a plain color, especially white and black, gives the eye a transition and makes both sides have more impact.

Rubbernecker Blog Butterfly-Smile-cu-IMG3141

Julie then created her beautiful butterflies by stamping some from our Brush Butterflies set in alcohol friendly ink on scraps of white card stock and colored them in with her Copics. Here are the ones she used to coordinate with the Color Fuse shades she chose.

Rubbernecker Blog Butterfly-Smile-copics-05551-400x287

The butterflies were then cut out with our coordinating dies and added to the front of her card. For just a hint of glimmer, Julie added some Stickles over the wings of the butterflies.

Here are the goodies from our store that you will want to take out or put on your order to make these beautiful cards:Rubbernecker Blog 64d2785e-38bb-4c52-9474-1bea8b172969
Rubbernecker Blog Butterfly-Smile-flat-IMG3140

These are such stunning handmade butterfly greeting cards! And thanks to the abstract nature of the floral component and the modern take on the design of the butterflies, these really are all occasion cards to send to a friend for any reason at all!

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