Handmade Die Cut Pumpkin Cards

Rubbernecker Blog Design-3

Come see a collection of four beautiful handmade die cut pumpkin cards you can use as inspiration for your own Fall projects. In today’s Flashback Friday we thought we would share four of our most popular posts that featured handmade die cut pumpkin cards. As you will see, these cards are all Fall cards and not Halloween, showing off that pumpkins are a fantastic motif for the whole season. First is this idea for pumpkin thank you cards that is […]

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Glow In The Dark Embossing Paste – HOW COOL!!!

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_21-09-2023_09-03-50-6760PM

Come see what happens when you combine glow in the dark embossing paste and one of the Halloween themed Rubbernecker stencils! We are SO excited to share this project from Ricky where he’s used some glow in the dark embossing paste and our Jack O’Lantern stencil from our latest release. When you see this magical effect you are going to probably run out of the house in your fuzzy slippers to get your hands on this paste! Ricky has given […]

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Try The Ink and Spritz Technique!

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_29-08-2023_08-34-12-5260PM

Come learn how easy it is to use the ink and spritz technique for the most beautiful watercolor looks! You’ve likely seen beautiful cards that look like they were hand water color painted. And while lots of them probably were, we can promise that many of them were made using the very easy ink and spritz technique. Today our resident watercolor guru, Melinda – check out her watercolor themed Paper Pads in our store! – is sharing her version of […]

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Sweet AND Spooky Handmade Halloween Cards!

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_1138-1

Come see a great way to make sweet and spooky handmade Halloween cards that will delight everyone who is lucky enough to receive one! While we love the occasional scary card, we mostly like Halloween cards that are cute and not too creepy. Today Carol is sharing her fabulous design for sweet and spooky handmade Halloween cards that are just adorable but have that little hint of haunt in the background. Let’s hear right from Carol how she created this […]

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Paper Piecing With Fall Die Cuts

Rubbernecker Blog scarecrow-19

Check out this adorable, ever so slightly spooky Halloween card made by paper piecing with fall die cuts! We make a LOT of dies. We know there is nothing like having that perfect die cut to add some pop to a project or to even build the entire scene. Today, Dawn is showing off some fun paper piecing with fall die cuts to make her adorable scarecrow card. And all you have to do to extend the season on this […]

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Have A Blessed Yom Kippur

Rubbernecker Blog Yom-Kippur1

For our Jewish fans, friends and customer we wish you a blessed Yom Kippur and that you may have an easy fast. In the Jewish faith Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement – is considered the most important holiday. It is believed that during this time God decides each person’s fate and so Jewish people are encouraged to make amends and ask forgiveness for sins committed in the past year. Jewish people fast from food and water for 25 […]

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Is Color Fuse The Best Ink for Blending on Cards?

Rubbernecker Blog Mountains-1

Come see why we truly think our Color Fuse ink IS the best ink for blending on cards! All you have to do is look at this glorious card from Sammi to know why we believe our Color Fuse ink is the best ink for blending on cards and other paper crafting projects. We’ve mentioned before that we drove our formulators crazy with testing and tweaking to make sure that our ink would blend easily adn with excellent results every […]

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More Halloween Color Fuse Combos!


To get you inspired, here are some more fun Halloween Color Fuse combos you can play around with. Last week we shared some color combinations for you to try with our amazing inks and today we have the next four of our fun Halloween Color Fuse combos that you can use to inspire your own card making. We love some of these moody combinations and hope they get you thinking about how you might want to trick someone with a […]

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A Quick and Cute Halloween Card!

Rubbernecker Blog JW-for-10-21

Come get the details on how you can make this quick and cute Halloween card! First, we are so excited that you are all loving our new Pumpkin Dress Up Set #2! It’s just perfect for a quick and cute Halloween card like this one and we’ve seen the little characters popping up everywhere so we know they are a great addition to our entire Halloween collection. Today, we get to feast our eyes on this colorful and fun Halloween […]

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Two Rubbernecker Harvest Time Paper Pad Cards

Rubbernecker Blog HT-Paper-Pad

See two beautiful cards made using the perfectly seasonal patterns in Rubbernecker Harvest Time Paper Pad! When we created the Rubbernecker Harvest Time Paper Pad, we chose a combination of patterns that included some classic looks with some bold graphics so there would be something for everyone. Today we have two cards from Allison that show this off to perfection! Allison used one of our more nostalgic patterns for the backgrounds on both cards and used two different styles to […]

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Creative Handmade Apple Season Cards!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5162-11D-Truck-14-left-544x640-1

It’s time for some more handmade apple season cards – come see this cheery project you can make! Today we are excited to share on of Kittie Caracciolo’s handmade apple season cards. Just LOOK at those details! Aren’t they so fun? Kittie says “Here in Florida we don’t really have the same kind of fall season our northern friends do. There’s something so fresh and fun about apple season and I love making these kinds of cards.” Kittie is sharing […]

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A Five Minute Fall Card!

Rubbernecker Blog RN-Autumn-g-9-2023-JM

Less is SO much more with this fetching five minute fall card! Not only is this five minute fall card so pretty, it also uses a minimum of supplies and can help you use up some printer paper scraps. And with a simple sentiment swap, it could stand in for any occasion at all. We love cards that are adaptable and when they come together in practically no time that’s a huge bonus. We highly recommend you bookmark this idea […]

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Happy Rosh Hashana!

Rubbernecker Blog Rosh-Hashana1

To our Jewish friends, fans and customers we wish you a very Happy New Year! Rosh Hashana is a two day celebration in the Jewish faith that recognizes the start of a new year and the ten days spend reflecting on the previous year’s accomplishments and challenges. A festive meal celebrating the day often includes a challah bread baked into a round to symbolize the cyclical nature of life and applies dipped in honey signifying hope that the new year […]

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Color Fuse Halloween Color Combinations


Check out some fun Color Fuse Halloween color combinations you can use to make your cards. We thought it would be fun to introduce a new feature – if you like it, we will keep offering it so be sure to let us know what you think. Today we are sharing some fun Color Fuse Halloween color combinations that you can use to inspire your sweet and tricky card making for the coming holiday. Of course we love our inks […]

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Come See Rubbernecker In Mesa, AZ!

Rubbernecker Blog expo

Come see all your favorites – products AND people! – from Rubbernecker in Mesa, AZ September 15th and 16th! Come on over and visit the booth of Rubbernecker in Mesa, AZ this weekend! We will be at the Scrapbook Expo and again have secured one of the largest spots so we have plenty of space to share all the brand new goodies – new Paper Pads, Color Fuse Reinkers, new stencils, stamps, dies and more! We also spent a lot […]

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Simple Gorgeous Handmade Fall Cards!

Rubbernecker Blog eZy-Watermark_29-08-2023_08-03-31-4460AM

Come on over and get all the steps to making these simple gorgeous handmade fall cards! Today Melinda is sharing this idea for the most simple, gorgeous handmade fall cards and we LOVE how much these leaves look like the real thing, all just with some of our Color Fuse Ink! Melinda says “I am so excited for fall!! Its my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. Unfortunately we don’t get a lot of fall color […]

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Rainbow Ink Blending Die Cut Flowers

Rubbernecker Blog flower-extra-2

See how rainbow ink blending die cut flowers can add so much beautiful color to a card with so little effort! In a previous post, Sammi shared her vision for creating some beautiful butterflies using this same technique. Today she is back with another stunner, showing how rainbow ink blending die cut flowers can add that same beautiful colorful look with very little time and effort. Sammi is really showing off how our Color Fuse Ink is so perfectly suited […]

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Cute Halloween Die Cuts Make This Card!

Rubbernecker Blog Pumpkin-25

Come see what you can create with an assortment of cute Halloween die cuts! As much as many of us like a little hint of spooky, cute Halloween die cuts are all the rage and this card shows off how you can mix and match them to perfection. Using the classic color combo of orange, purple and black, Dawn put this card together with some of our Halloween dies and we love it! Dawn says “I had so much fun […]

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Change Spring Cards to Fall Cards!

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_1089-1

Come see how easy it can be to change spring cards to fall cards with some simple color swaps and a different sentiment! Carol, today’s designer, says “Just because a product packaging has springtime colors doesn’t mean it is strictly for spring!” Today she is applying her design magic and showing us how we can change spring cards to fall cards with just a few small touches. Carol goes on to say “When I made my card back in the […]

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New Rubbernecker Halloween Goodies!

Rubbernecker Blog New-Release-Graphic-6

Come check out some spook-tacular handmade cards created with all the new Rubbernecker Halloween stamps, dies and stencils! Yesterday we released all our new Rubbernecker Halloween products and WOW! These orders are zooming out of here like witches loaded on their brooms late for the party! Thank you – we do so love it when we hit the mark with what people are loving and are able to get these new designs into your crafty hands. Today we have a […]

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New From Rubbernecker Today!

Rubbernecker Blog New-Release-Graphic-6

Come see what is brand new from Rubbernecker today – spooky and sweet, it’s all trick or treat! With the next couple of months being focused on Fall and Halloween themed projects, we decided that all the items new from Rubbernecker this month would be 100% treats and no tricks! Based on all the fan love we get for our adorable designs, we added more cute Halloween but kept in a little spooky Halloween to keep it real. Let’s dive […]

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