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Say What?!?

We are bursting with excitement to unveil our incredible new venture: Brass & Bliss Craft Co.! For years, we’ve been your go-to craft destination as Rubbernecker Stamps, a small family-owned business that embarked on this amazing journey back in 1993. We’ve joyfully grown alongside you, embraced every creative twist and turn and shared countless moments of crafty creations together.

But now, it’s time for something fresh, something vibrant, something new! After three decades we’ve decided to shake things up and rebrand ourselves. Say hello to Brass & Bliss! Rest assured, it’s the same family, the same unwavering commitment to excellence, and of course, the same amazing products you have grown to know and love throughout the years.

So why did we choose the name “Brass & Bliss”? 

Glad you asked! 

The word Bliss means “Perfect Joy” which we feel adequately describes the crafting-high. We have found that in a world that seems increasingly heavy, crafting is a way to find peace and happiness; it’s also a tangible way to share those feelings with others; pure BLISS!

Using the word Brass was more symbolic in nature. Brass is known for its shiny gold-like appearance and its malleability. It’s a metal that can bend and be shaped without loosing its quality. Also, because of its high copper content, as brass ages it slowly patinas- changing from its shiny golds into deep blues and teals. Being a business with such a rich history and 30 years in the craft industry, we thought this symbolized our transition perfectly. Our ability to bend and change with the times, while not compromising on quality, is an attribute we pride ourselves on. Like Brass, we are the same, but somehow different. As our company ages, its changing from golds to blues, from ‘Rubbernecker’ to ‘Brass & Bliss’! And finally, being the crafty people that we are, we couldn’t pass up being associated with anything shiny and colorful!

So, Brass & Bliss Craft Co. has emerged onto the scene and we are here to continue providing amazing craft supplies to the joyful creatives that support our small business. Want to read more about us? Check out the ‘About Us’ section here on the blog!

We invite you to join us in this exhilarating new chapter for our family. Our official launch date is March 4, 2024! Here are the ways you can support us leading up to the launch: 

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to our launch date! We couldn’t hold the news in any longer and wanted to share this exciting adventure with this amazing community we have built! Rubbernecker Blog launch-3

Brass & Bliss Craft Co. – Helping you find joyful inspiration through paper crafting, because creating art is pure BLISS! 

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