Christmas bib overlay card

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Make a Christmas bib overlay card in less time with a handy pre-made card base.

Recently Kittie shared this Christmas bib overlay card on her blog and we thought it was so unique and pretty. Then when we saw her post an learned that she’d used a pre-made base from our friends at The Paper Cut, we just knew we had to share it here too.

Event though the decoration is super simple, it overall has some extra impact thanks to that bib overlay design – it’s just different enough that it puts a fun spin on a classic motif. Kitti says “I prefer spending my time on the “fun stuff” than the measuring and fussy cutting and finicking folding.” which is why she says she likes to use all the fun fold designs The Paper Cut offers in their store.

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Kittie has all the steps to make this in her blog post here and as usual, she shows you everything you need to know to make the card right along with her. One thing she points out is that ONLY the sentiment and the star on the tree are holiday specific. She says you can leave off the star and swap out the greeting and you’ve got a perfectly appropriate card for just about any other winter occasion. 

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Below are the items Kittie used from the store and she helpfully included our other deer set so you could consider all your options:

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As Kittie says, the design for this Christmas bib overlay card is fairly straightforward so you can swap out any of the elements – say, a snowman for the fawn or just all trees or pop a gnome in there – and you will always end up with a card that is as fun to look at as it is to make!

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