Coffee Cards in Brights

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Following half our theme this month, today we are sharing some cute coffee cards in brights to cheer anyone up!

As you may know, our theme this month is CAS (clean and simple) in bright colors. Given that we are currently experiencing some bright sunny days, we thought we’d share some coffee cards in brights and get you thinking more about the Caffeinated Christmas Card Challenge we announced yesterday. What better way to “perk” someone up than with a bright cheery card celebrating so many people’s favorite beverage?

First up is this oh-so-sweet card featuring some beautiful bright details that bring the whole scene to life.

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More Handmade Cards For Coffee Lovers

 Here’s an idea for handmade cards for coffee lovers – and cat lovers! This idea for handmade cards for coffee lovers includes some feline friends and we think it’s just fabulous! A good cup of coffee, a friendly kitty and this card all share that cozy feeling of warmth and affection. Let’s take a look at how Lisa put this together so we can try it out, too. A quick note – we’ve receive messages from fans thanking us for

Then we have this one that just cracks us up every time we see it – a just waking up owl set against a sunrise background kind of says it all for so many of us!

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Caffeinated Goodness- DIY Coffee Card

Hello all! We are just loving this awesome creation by Lisa Bzibziak today! Such a bright card to help us keep this week moving right along! As you know, there is alot of caffeinated goodness in the Rubbernecker shop and we love seeing how Lisa chose to use a few of our faves today!  Scroll through this post to see Lisa’s take on this card.  I just love the owls available over in the shop!  And Campbell here is having his

And then there’s this one that manages to be both bright AND cozy at the same time! We know not everyone has warm weather at the same time so this gets you into both categories – sunny and cool.

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stamps_Lisa-Bzibziak_08.25.22R

Cute Handmade Fall Cards for Coffee Lovers!

Check out this idea for truly cozy handmade Fall cards for coffee lovers! Many of us are major coffee fans – some of us love it and some of us need it! We sort of fit both so when we spy handmade Fall cards for coffee lovers, like this one from Lisa, we do a happy little wiggle. Someone gets us! This card has all the cozy vibes for Fall and adds some layering to invite us into the scene.

And here’s a bonus card to share that combines a sleepy sloth with pops of green for a, shall we say, gentle wake up!

Rubbernecker Blog bright-sloth

If you need to update you stash of coffee, tea, cocoa, chai or other sippable stuff, check out our collection below. Sign in to our site and you can just add things to your shopping cart – easy peasy and you won’t forget a thing!

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If you are considering jumping in on the challenge, browse your stash, check out all our fun coffee themed items and – hint, hint – check back later this month for something in our coming June Release for the PERFECT complement to this theme! Coffee cards in brights are a fun way to help someone feel java-tastic for any occasion!

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