Another Copic Markers Skin Tone Tutorial!

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We are so grateful for all the wonderful thank yous we get from you all when we offer a Copic markers skin tone tutorial. People say that realistic darker skin tones are a particular challenge and we are grateful that our designer is so talented at getting such beautiful skin color combinations using our extensive collection of stamps inspired by our African American friends and customers. Rubbernecker is very proud to be one of the most inclusive stamp companies and are always looking at the world WE live in for inspiration for our beautiful artwork.On this project, our designer used a number of Copic markers in the E30s. The trick to a beautifully realistic, radiant skin tone is to get the colors “smooth” with the darker tones on smaller images. Adding and layering color in specific order is very helpful to getting that radiance. You can follow along with this “print” version of our Copic markers skin tone tutorial or check back at the end of the month when our designer will be sharing a video showing the details in real life.Let’s take a look at the latest beautiful person we have to show you:
Rubbernecker Blog RN-June-2a-1024x1024  You want to start by basing all the skin in a very light shade – here she used E31. She then moved to the THIRD color – E25 – and brought the color in from the countours of our lovely lady’s face using short inward flicks. Now hop to the fourth color, in this case E37 and go over those same areas more lightly, with shorter flicks. Go back to your third color and blend those darker shades. NOW you can go to your second color – hers is E33 – and use that to blend and soften all the areas together, moving across the lightest shade to add some depth.

If you want to add some shadows or more depth to the darker areas, our designer recommends using a darker blue violet for that lovely contrast.

Rubbernecker Blog RN-June-2b-1-1024x1024

For her hair, go over all of with a base of a mid-tone shade like she did here with E43. Add some texture with squiggles of E44. Add even more shape with E47 and E49 and don’t forget her brows with one of those shades! Use a dark cool gray – C9 here – to push in some depth and cool down the warmer areas.

Rubbernecker Blog RN-June-2d-1-1024x1024

Add some punches of reds on the rose and her jewelry – here R21, R85 and R59 and her bangles with two yellows – Y00 and Y28 – for a real gold sheen. You can certainly serve her any beverage you wish but here she’s enjoying some sparkling cider in YR30 and Y23!

Here’s a closeup of our gorgeous girl!

Rubbernecker Blog RN-June-2f-1-1024x1024

Here are the products from Rubbernecker that our super talented Copic wizardress used on today’s project:

Rubbernecker Blog e9f6f27f-b6c8-4a92-a39d-c830a022cfe2

Now, don’t forget to come back sometime around the 24th or so when we will have the video piece of this amazing Copic markers skin tone tutorial!

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