Copic Skin Tutorial and No-Line Coloring

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Good morning creative friends! Michelle here, and today I have for you the third installment of looking at darker skin tones with Rubbernecker Stamps in this Copic skin tutorial using no line coloring for a truly hand painted look!

If you missed the first two in this series you can see them here and here.  I have been looking at coloring darker skin tones on a series of new stamps released by Rubbernecker. I have been trying to share a variety of tones so that you can see some variation. For this third installment I added another challenge, no-line coloring. Now I will admit of the three I have shared this one has some areas I need to do again. So I am challenging myself to tackle one or more of these images a second, third and possibly more times with no-line coloring. I know it would be a great challenge to push my skills! I will point out a few areas I want to improve on as I walk you through the steps.

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How to make this card:
  • After stamping in a light Memento pink ink use a Copic Multiliner .1 or smaller to add back in eyelash, pupil and eyebrow detail ** this is one spot I would do differently, I would use a smaller Multiliner, I would also wait and do the eyebrow and nostril with Copic
  • Base the skin in a light Earth Tone E21
  • Use 2 more Earth tones to add shape to the face E35, E33
  • Blend these areas smooth working back and forth between the 3 colors ** I will often work in one section at a time with no-line coloring like the face, then the neck lastly the shoulder and chest, this allows me to hold onto the edges as the lines disappear getting covered in ink
  • Add deeper shades with E04 into the shadow areas
  • Use E93 to add a slight blush to the cheek bones and fill the lips
  • Edge the lips with E09
  • Fill the lips with E04 blending the edge of the E09 as you go
  • Use squiggles and small flicks of E43 to base the hair
  • Using 3 more colors repeat the process, as you get darker use less and less ink with few strokes focusing into darker areas E44, E47, E49
  • Using a series of BG’s color the bow, I worked darkest to lightest so I could see all the detail in the folds BG54, BG52, BG000
  • Finish coloring with a light background of BG000 fading to white
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  • Stamp “Life Is Good” on a strip of white cardstock
  • Color the strip with the series of BG’s BG54, BG52, BG000
  • Use rectangle nesting dies to cut the image, and two patterned papers
  • Adhere the largest patterned paper to the card base
  • Adhere the image onto the smaller patterned paper and use foam tape to adhere both to the card
  • Use foam tape to adhere the sentiment to the card

Wasn’t that Copic skin tutorial fun? I love pushing myself to try something new and challenging and hope you had fun trying along with me. Thanks for stopping in today, if you have questions make sure to ask! And keep practicing, I know I need to keep working and challenging myself.

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