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Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5322-03D-Slimline-Solid-Scallop-with-Holes-2-right

Today we are featuring a beautiful cheery example of flower card design ideas using slimline cards from Kittie Caracciolo, our Exclusive Associate Designer. Don’t you just LOVE Kittie’s cards? They are always loaded with so much detail and look SO fun to make!

Kittie shared with us that she is really enjoying having lots of extra space for her design ideas and this card certainly shows that off!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5322-03D-Slimline-Solid-Scallop-with-Holes-2-right-294x500

Kittie used one of our Slimline Frame dies in combination with one of our Slimline Inside Cut Dies. You can use a magnetic plate or washi tape to keep them in perfect alignment but Kittie said she had no trouble using a regular old cutting sandwich and they stayed just so.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-55327-01D-SLI-Circles-With-Holes-1-center-370x640
We really love the detail Kittie puts into her projects. Do you see those tiny flowerpots? She cut those out of yellow card stock and used some mini applicators and Color Fuse inks to make them look like aged terracotta! And the shading on those flowers…..you just want to sniff them, don’t you?

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-55327-01D-SLI-Circles-With-Holes-1-left-378x640

Here are the supplies Kittie used for this flower card design:
Rubbernecker Blog 5322-03D-2T
5322-03D Slimline Solid Scallop w/…
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5327-01D-2T
5327-01D Slimline Inside Circles dies
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-16D-2T
Tall Terracotta Pot Die Cut 5147-16D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-12D-2T
Watering Can Die Cut 5147-12D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-13D-2T
Tall Buckets Die Cut 5147-13D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-18D-2T
Tulip Tops Die Cut 5147-18D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-10D-2T
Tiny Flower Buds Die Cut 5147-10D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-09D-2T
Flower Buds Die Cut 5147-09D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5210-06D-2T
5210-06D Tulip Stems Die Cut
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5309-04D-2T
5309-04D Leaves and Greenery Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5147-08D-2T
Small Butterflies Die 5147-08D
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET3-2T
Color Fuse Set #3
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog CF-SET2-2T
Color Fuse Set #2
[ RBB ]

Are you inspired by this flower card design idea? Ready to try out one of these slimline beauties? Be sure to share on our Facebook page so we can be excited along with you!

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