It’s National Coffee Day!

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Good Morning everyone! Today is National Coffee Day!

 Our team has made some special cards that speak to the coffee lover in us all. Therefore, we must insist that you grab your favorite brew, find a cozy spot to sink into and browse through today’s java-inspired creations!

Just like your coffee, these cards are hot, hot hot! 

First up is Lisa Bzibziak

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Does anyone else feel like this card is a perfect reflection of their life? I mean, lattes, carbs, cozy scarves, and a cat? Lisa is channeling the inner coffee addict in us all.

For this card, Lisa is using Rubberneckers Coffee Stamp Set, Coffee Dies, Coffee Blanket Stamp Set, Coffee Blanket Diet Set, Ending in Y Stamp, 3 Maple Leaves Die, Tiny Leaves Die and the Nested Banner Stitch Dies.

To see more of Lisa’s AMAZING card and the details you can check out her blog by CLICKING HERE.

Next up is Marilyn Scheller

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Coffee! Enough said. 11 cups should do the trick. Is anyone else a sucker for a new cute coffee mug? Sure, we may have 50 at home…. but this one is so cute! One more mug can’t hurt, right?

 Marilyn is using Rubberneckers Coffee Blanket Set (3108), Coffee Blanket Set Dies (3108D), Coffee Set (3109), Nested Rectangle Die Set (5003D), Nested Banner Stitch (5151D), Nested Circle Scallop with Holes (5119) 

Want to see more of Marilyn’s fabulous card details? You can check out her blog by CLICKING HERE.

Next up is Jamie Martin

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Loving the colors Jamie used here, also this stamp always has us giggling. Who can relate? It belongs in an episode of Gilmore Girls because that “Sharp Wit” is definitely fueled by coffee.

“I can’t stop drinking the coffee, if I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing, and the walking and the words-putting-into-sentences doing.” -Gilmore Girls

Jamie is using Rubberneckers Out of Jail (1052-10), Floral Frame Die (5211D) and Coffee Cup Die Cut (5203-01D)

To see more of Jamie’s beautiful card and the details you can check out her blog by CLICKING HERE.

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Until next time friends!!!

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  1. Awesome creations! Love the selection of Rubbernecker stamps and dies that are coffee themed! Happy National Coffee Day!

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