Joseph’s Coat Technique On A Slimline Background

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Duo

Today we are SO excited to share the beautiful Joseph’s Coat technique on a slimline background thanks to our talented designer, Annie. Annie has taken one of our brand new slimline background stamps and added her own SUPER clever twist on creating that lively multi-color look you get with the Joseph’s Coat approach. Let’s take a look at how she did it!

First up, her Halloween background:

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Happy-Halloween-Main

First, she cut a panel of white cardstock to fit her card base (3.5″ X 8.5″) and using a blending brush, applied several shades of Color Fuse ink all over the panel; here she chose Grass, Apricot, Magenta, and Hearth.  Set aside until completely dry.

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Happy-Halloween-Ink-Blending

Give your completely dry inked up panel a swipe with your anti-static tool, ink up the Slimline Halloween Stamp with Versamark Ink and place your inked panel on top of the stamp (ink side down and don’t laugh – it happens ALL the time!) and press all over – even use a brayer if you have one handy – to get the whole image transferred.

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Happy-Halloween-Stamping

Now sprinkle it all over with silver embossing powder and heat it up.

Ready for some genius? Take a water based black marker and color in all the details AROUND the areas you want to highlight. PRO TIP: Using a brush marker will help you get into all the little nooks and crannies. Color around any images you want to have pop OR color areas you love.

Another PRO TIP: Add some tiny details of black to the images you left inked – like the pumpkin’s eye’s or details on the spooky house. This will make those sections of your background really POP!

Us a soft rag or a a tissue to buff any marker off the silver embossed areas.

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Happy-Halloween-Detail
Trim the panel to get crisp edges and mount onto your card base.

Crazy awesome, right?

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Happy-Halloween-Final

Now for her Fall card – Annie says that the excellent blendability of our Color Fuse Inks really helped to make this card look like it was glowing.

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Hurray-For-Fall-Main

Start again with a slimline sized panel of white cardstock and this time apply Custard, Apricot, Crimson, and Cinnamon inks all over the panel with your blending brush and let it dry completely.

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Hurray-For-Fall-Ink-Blending

Swipe it down with your anti-static tool, and repeat the above inking process. This time use gold embossing powder to complement the golden tones.

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Hurray-For-Fall-Stamping

Here Annie used a Tombow Dual Brush Pen in a very dark brown and filled in most of the background and darkened the swirls and flourishes. Buff off any ink from the gold areas and you are good to go!

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Hurray-For-Fall-Coloring

This time the panel was die cut using one of the Slimline Nested Stitch Dies and an embossed greeting from the Autumn Harvest Stamp Set was done in brown on a gold vellum strip and trim just above and below the sentiment to form a long strip. PRO TIP: When stamping on vellum, when you can, wrap the vellum around the card element and adhere to the back to hide the adhesive.

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Hurray-For-Fall-Detail

Then the panel was layered onto a brown panel with dimensional adhesive and attached to the card base. SO lovely!

Rubbernecker Blog Autumn-Slimline-Cards-with-Selective-Josephs-Coat-Technique-by-Annie-Williams-Hurray-For-Fall-Final

Here are the supplies from our store that you are totally going to want to grab to make these cards!

Rubbernecker Blog 811fd203-5e79-4b9d-a5d2-bd4c604d3e88
Do you just LOVE this twist on the Joseph’s Coat technique? We think it is SO much easier than some of the other ways to do this out there and we especially love how beautiful she’s made our background stamps in a new way. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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