Rubbernecker April 2023 Release!

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Come see all the new goodies available in the Rubbernecker April 2023 release!

Ooooh – this month we have some super special and oh-so-fun things for you in our Rubbernecker April 2023 release! For those of you who went BA.NA.NAS for our paper pad/die combo last month you are going to SQUEE when you see what we have for you this month! And for our die cut fans – well sit down because we have a bounty of fabulousness for you!


First up we have our Delightful Dahlia 6 X 6 Paper Pad, positively loaded with pretty patterns.

Rubbernecker Blog 338415486_768168154927377_734007924365406591_n-1000x998

But you know what else this new Rubbernecker Paper Pad has? Coordinating dies! Yes indeed, it does! Cut out the beautiful blossoms with the dies for instant pop on your projects!

Rubbernecker Blog 338395132_1300827410646228_4079212987823467286_n-757x1000

As if having one of these new Rubbernecker Paper Pad and coordinating die sets wasn’t enough, we have a second one for you! Check out this absolutely adorable Animal Train Paper Pad set on a slimline scale.

Rubbernecker Blog 338421551_3328395090711632_465239912366254979_n-444x1000

And then the die to cut out the cute components:

Rubbernecker Blog 338387572_1237132093842691_7656566383193576000_n-808x1000

Last month, our decorative frames sets were a huge hit so we pushed to get this one ready for you sooner rather than later. Here’s our Elegant Scroll Rectangle Die set – isn’t it so pretty?

Rubbernecker Blog 338425703_1209387196364591_6298321188847741412_n-784x1000

Keeping with the delicate details we’ve been adding here and there, we have these two separately available dies that give you some instant delightfulness with just a spin through your machine. First is this sweet little “Letter Filled with Flowers” die.

Rubbernecker Blog 338390796_975913036907407_2429631040341910928_n-1000x868

Then there’s this charming message of love set among more blossoms, “Love with Flowers” die.

Rubbernecker Blog 338411053_3027981290843354_353112902818657625_n-1000x933

Speaking of flowers, is there even such a thing as “enough” different designs of die cut foliage? We didn’t think so and since if we make it you say you love it, we offer these two new designs. This fun “Open Flower #1” is the perfect new shape to add to your bouquets.

Rubbernecker Blog 338418503_623647036267675_4798916404246893017_n-668x1000

And this new leaf and stem design, “Open Greenery #1”, gives you even more ways to add fresh looks.

Rubbernecker Blog 338528950_899989311285538_7820161346552851370_n-667x1000

Spring flowers and birds go together so we’ve got a new offering for you lovers of our feathered friends. Can’t you just hear them singing from their beautiful abode? Check out this amazing “Bird Cage Die”.

Rubbernecker Blog 338504177_225099020179557_5518658733561405320_n-667x1000

How about some new words? People love combining our die cut script and shadow words with sentiments for even more versatility so we are popping these two into our collection.

Rubbernecker Blog 338412348_600238072128035_651886670017638132_n
Rubbernecker Blog 338391933_739433311216726_7233562491495896612_n

Are you someone who loves paper dolls? Or is a frustrated fashion designer? This set is perfect for you – mix and match patterns and textures and have some fun creating your own designer duds! This set is called “Derby Day Dresses”; so fun!

Rubbernecker Blog 338595440_100549873006828_917264371746453596_n-846x1000

If you were thinking about using these to decorate a store window, well, would something like this do? There are SO many ways to use this new “Window with Shutters” die and we cannot WAIT to see what you all will do with it!

Rubbernecker Blog 338390372_577659457649007_3613571724331647915_n-908x1000

Is all this excitement making you thirsty? What about some new coffee and tea die sets? These work beautifully with so many of our other items and are really fun to mix and match for custom settings.

Rubbernecker Blog 338384849_170318515880323_1121495844245053392_n-1000x936
Rubbernecker Blog 338389665_232561326011418_4560232310456029896_n-1000x908

So, time’s up on the new release! Oh wait! That means we have two more things to share! First, our “Shed Cuckoo Clock Add On” die, is giving all the classic vibes and we can think of so many fun ways to make a creative nod to time using this new set. Pair it with our existing Shed Die to get more use out of your products!

Rubbernecker Blog 338383744_880216699737299_518731412945177692_n-667x1000

And speaking of classic, here’s another way to add this concept to your projects – can you hear it ringing? This “Alarm Clock” die is fun and timely!

Rubbernecker Blog 338524606_885551889412003_1964290667184229544_n-825x1000

Pair these with some awesome sentiments from our NEW “Cuckoo for You” set.

Rubbernecker Blog 35062-Cuckoo-For-you-wm-667x1000
Rubbernecker Blog 94744f40-404f-450f-b187-e44e2127e10a

Now, we are NOT trolling for sales when we say this. If there’s something in this Rubbernecker April 2023 release that you know you want, please order it ASAP. We were gobsmacked last month when we sold out of a huge number of new things ON THE FIRS DAY! We of course put in a reorder immediately but apparently what we are putting out there, you all are picking up! We are so glad and so grateful for your appreciating what we share. (Just make sure you grab it when you can!)

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