Make Your Rubbernecker Wish List!

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There may or may not be a great reason to make your Rubbernecker wish list today!

Do you have a ton of things on your Rubbernecker wish list? Do you have ONE thing on your wish list? Do you need to MAKE a wish list loaded with Rubbernecker goodies?

Today we are going to strongly encourage you to make one. We may or may not (MAY!) be brewing up a great special deal for this coming weekend to bring our 30th birthday month to a close. We’ve had SO much fun this month gifting all of you with deals and we really want to go out with a fun pop.

You can click on the pic below and download and print the form and fill it out, collect all those sticky notes you have everywhere reminding you to get such and such the next time you order, or go browse our website – don’t miss the sale section! – and start noting those things you want or need.

Here’s that handy dandy form you can use to make note of what you need and when you actually order it. And if you are someone who has two of the same thing because you forgot you ordered it, don’t feel bad – we’ve ALL been there. This list form will help you keep track!

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As we said, we highly recommend you spend some quality time in our store checking out all the goodies and making note of those things you just cannot live without for one more minute! We’ve got lots of new items, all our gorgeous Rubbernecker 6 X 6 Paper Pads, our becoming-legendary Color Fuse Inks and so much more.

Make that Rubbernecker wish list and then come back tomorrow and see what we have up our sleeves!

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