Free Stamp Masking Technique Videos

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Check out these two stamp masking technique videos for some simple and fun ideas!

Last April we featured some excellent stamp masking technique videos in a two part post series and by the “clicks of it”, you loved them. So much so that we thought it would be a good idea to share them again so anyone who missed them could catch them or to inspire you again to play around with this simple but effective way to add so much interest to a project.

Here’s the first video and if you wanted to see the whole first post, you can catch that here.

Don’t you just love how many tips are in this video? Like the tip about using the hot pressed watercolor paper so your markers just glide?

Then once you’ve soaked up all the goodness in the first stamp masking technique video, along comes part two!

Such magic when you know the little tips and tricks! The way you can really FILL your background with all that color, texture and dimension – all using a little sticky paper!

We have a question – what kinds of stamping technique videos would you like to see? We can collect some ideas and then ask one our brilliant designers to put something together for you. Drop a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know!

We have SO many videos on the blog so if you love watching them to learn, get inspiration or just to take a little eye candy break, check them all out here and spend a little “you-time” soaking up all the tips, tricks and projects we’ve featured. These stamp masking technique videos are just a very small example of what kind of fun things you can learn right here on our blog!

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