New Release Bold Rose Stencil

Rubbernecker Blog 67773155_10214347769823426_1618414127481356288_n

Hello everyone! Have you seen the new Bold Rose Stencil (4012) that just released? Lisa made us some amazing inspiration for us today using it. The card is gorgeous!  The way Lisa colored the bold rose stencil it is so beautiful. All the different colors and the extra white little touches she puts on the card.  She used the Borders #1 die-cut (5160-01D) for the edging on the purple cardstock at the top. She added sweet bits of texture with […]

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Butterflies are Free with Ann-Marie Johansson

Rubbernecker Blog AnnMarie-Johansson-using-Butterflies-are-free

You don’t normally see butterflies during the winter time. However, Ann-Marie has made such a beautiful card with Butterflies Are Free (3020), you could use it anytime of the year. The blue Color Bursts she used makes a beautiful winter or summer time card. Ann-Marie actually used our Glacier White Embossing Powder (whiteemboss) to emboss the butterflies first. Then she used Ken Oliver Color Burst 6 Pack Set Liquid Metals Precious Alloys (imset-2) and Ken Oliver Color Burst 6 Pack Set Rich Moroccan […]

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Pussy Willows for Smpathy

Rubbernecker Blog Tina-Goodwin-using-Pussywillows

We show a lot of fun cards. We show you a lot of birthday cards. But we have not shown you a lot of sympathy cards. Cards that open your heart to those that always need love, thoughts and prayers. Tina has made us a very lovely sympathy card using Pussy Willows (717-08) colored so beautifully. She could have made a birthday card from there, but used Loving Thoughts (828-05) that open your heart and make the person you gave it to […]

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Dandelion Garden Border

Rubbernecker Blog Angela-Yearous-using-Rubbernecker-Dandelion-Garden-Border

Angela made us a card full of fun inspiration with this sweet, simple sympathy card.  She made a card using Dandelion Garden Border (540-02) in the background. She made the sentiment Sympathy (742-01) the star of the card having it stand out. If you would like to get these stamps you can always click the names of the stamps and it will take you directly to where they are located in our store.

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