Birthday CANDLE Cards – Flashback Friday!

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Come see some super cute ideas for birthday candle cards for anyone and everyone!

One of the fun things about birthdays is the flicker and dance of the flames on the candles. Whether you use one or 100, they are a fun aspect of the celebration and we thought we would share some birthday candle cards as a nod to this tradition.

Our first card features just a solitary candle on a pretty tiered cake and we think that is a fun way to still add this feature but not necessarily give away someone’s age!

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A Pretty Happy Birthday Cake Card!

A Happy Birthday cake card lasts forever! What’s better on your birthday than a yummy cake and a pretty card? Maybe a Happy Birthday cake card that will last forever and always look delicious? This card from Annie combines all the sweetness of a delicious looking cake with the celebration of a birthday all in one precious card. Let’s see how she did it!   First, Annie made her pretty background by stamping our brand new Happy Birthday #1 Stamp

We love that fun, energetic stamped background and especially love that you can swap out the color of the background and the icing details on the cake and have zillions of different looks. There is nothing like a great go-to card design and we think this one fits the bill!

Next we have a fun card that is nothing BUT birthday candles and it’s so festive and fun – let’s take a look.

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A Fun Way To Use Frame Dies on Handmade Cards

One of our original die designs were frame dies made up of several layering pieces all together in one plate. There are TONS of ways to use these incredibly useful dies and today Lisa is showing us a super fun way to use all the different frames you can get when you cut with multiple colors of card stock. Let’s jump in and get the whole how-to, shall we? First, stamp the candles on your favorite card stock for Copic

This card is really fun to make and all the details from the multiple frames to the candles themselves are all made with easy to use dies so you can really spend your creative time on the coloring and making that awesome ombre background. This is another card design that can totally change with some color tweaks and be used over and over.

Last we have a card where we like to imagine that the birthday candles are at least partially responsible for all the celebratory fireworks!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stamps-Co_Lisa-Bzibziak_02.11.21

A Birthday Slimline Shaker Card – Cake & Fireworks!

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a birthday slimline shaker card complete with a yummy cake and some fancy fireworks? Lisa has made a card for us today that really puts the fun and sparkle into a card and we just LOVE it! Let’s take a look at how you can make this card for your own big birthday celebrations. First, line up the largest Slimline Nested Stitch Die with the fireworks dies inside being sure to

It’s got sparkle, it’s got bling, it’s a shaker card AND the larger size lets you add lots of extra elements like those gorgeous fireworks. What a fun way to make sure you have space for all your happy wishes inside!

Now we know a lot of people haven’t resumed the whole “blowing out the candles on the cake” thing. But of course, everyone still loves the idea. These birthday candle cards still give that fun feeling with no germs and no risk of fire. That feels like a huge win win!

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