Flashback Friday – Cards In Blue and White

Rubbernecker Blog Flashback-Friday

On trend right now and just so gorgeous, check out three of our most popular cards in blue and white.

At the latest check, we see that cards in blue and white are not only totally on trend for all occasion cards, but this year’s holiday cards are seeing more of this beautiful classic color combination. Today we thought we would share three of the blue and white cards that have captured the most attention on our blog so you can take a little trending inspiration and apply it to your weekend creative time. Let’s take a look!

First up is this beautiful card with crystalline blue and silver irises set against a field of pure white. We love that our designer used some out of the box thinking and heat embossed some of the layers for this spectacular effect.

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_3549

Heat Embossing With Layered Stencils

Combine heat embossing with layered stencils for truly eye popping effects! We’ve talked a little about our new layered flower stencils giving you lots of new and fun ways to add color to your projects. Today Allie is sharing her gorgeous card that she made by combining heat embossing with layered stencils to add a fresh artistic look to her stamped flowers. She’s spelling it all out for us to give it a try so let’s go! Start by stamping

Next we have this beauty with unconventionally colored roses and a snowy effect, making this a delightful all occasion winter card or even a fantastic non-denominational holiday card!

Rubbernecker Blog 1-25-21b

A Handmade Card With Blue Roses and Snow!

Can you imagine someone opening this handmade card with blue roses, here in the dead of winter, where fresh flowers are few and far between? Picture their eyes lighting up when they see these beautiful blue blooms against that sparkly snowy background. Well you CAN make this card and today Renee is going to walk us through how. Renee used our Fragrant Blooms stamp and coordinating die set with our Color Fuse ink to create these stunning, dimensional flowers. Our

And last, a card that almost broke the internet when it was first shared, is this stunning winter night scene that got all it’s incredible depth and a true vibe from just ink and stamps.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-3460-Pine-Tree-2-left-640x505-1

A Mystical Hand Stamped Winter Pine Tree Card

This moonlit hand stamped winter pine tree card is totally captivating! When we saw this beautiful hand stamped winter pine tree card that Kittie shared on her blog, we asked her if we could share it here, too. Isn’t this just so spectacular? As Kittie says, you can practically smell the snow! She shares all her usual brilliant PRO TIPS in the original post on her blog which you can see here and we wanted to share some of her

Blue and white is always a classic look, from navy to turquoise to robin’s egg blue combined with pure white and cream and everything in between. Cards in blue and white can be adapted to any occasion, every season and are almost entirely universally appealing. Remember this when you are stuck for inspiration and just see what you come up with!

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