Cards Made with Die Cut Flowers by Kittie Caracciolo

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Today we are sharing a handful of cards made with die cut flowers by our very own Associate Designer, Kittie!

All of our designers have graced us with their cards made with die cut flowers and we love seeing all the ways they use these detailed elements – they are all so incredibly creative! We are extra blessed to have the talented Kittie Caracciolo as one of our Associate Designers meaning she contributes to the design of different products and makes many of the die-specific samples you see online and at the shows.

Given that this month is all about the flowers, we thought we would take a look back at a handful of projects Kittie has shared with us where she’s really shown off some of our floral dies. Would you like to join us in today’s Flashback Friday?

First up we have this beautiful card that features a single, fat, lush blossom over one of our pierced die backgrounds. This is one of the cards that put our pierced cover dies on the map and you can absolutely see why!

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Our New Pierced Cover Dies Are a HIT!

Our new pierced cover dies are flying off the shelves – this card will help you see why! If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new pierced cover dies from this card will almost certainly make you pop right on over and check them out. This card is from Kittie and we have to say that as beautiful as these photos are, in real life it’s positively breathtaking. Kittie, as always, is sharing all her details in

Next is a post that we heard back from many of you saying it changed how you looked at adding die cut paper flowers to your cards. Kittie LOVES teaching people her tricks and tips and the two she shared here to add so much realism to daffodils is a game changer. Also, baby ducks – how can you go wrong with baby ducks?

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Two Tips For Realistic Die Cut Daffodils!

Get two easy tips to make your die cut daffodils look fresh enough to pick! We all know Kittie is the Queen of making realistic looking paper flowers using our dies and today she is sharing with us her two tips for making die cut daffodils look like they are just growing right on your card. And because our April theme is animals, we just had to share this card now because of her Momma duck and li’l ducklings. As

Next is a card that you see and know instantly is a “Kittie card”. Her use of lots of white space, beautiful texture and then a single color and style of flower to create impact is a hallmark of hers. This card showed a terrific way to add lots of beautiful detail using a tool you already have in a different way.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5422-04D-Small-Flowers-4-right-640x502-1

How To Emboss With Metal Dies For More Looks!

Get even MORE out of your metal dies by using them to EMBOSS! Today we are showing off a card from Kittie where she used her tips for how to emboss with metal dies to get a whole new look using our Nested Scallop with Half Holes die set. When you use your metal dies as embossing tools, you instantly double the value of your crafting stash. It’s super easy to do once you know the correct sandwich to use for

While we usually try to limit your excitement on our Flashback Fridays to just three posts, we absolutely could NOT not share these two additional Kittie creations. This first one is so colorful, so harmonious and if you swap out the sentiment, perfect for just about any occasion you can think of.

Rubbernecker Blog summery-die-cut-flower-wreath

A Summery Die Cut Flower Wreath

Make a summery die cut flower wreath for a beautiful card! Recently Kittie posted this project to her blog and we asked her if we could share it here (and of course she said yes, she’s so sweet!) We were totally captivated by this bright colored, simple but stunning summery die cut flower wreath that makes this card such a standout! And even though the greeting says “spring” we think this color combo is a perfect summer statement. Kittie shares

And last, another classic Kittie styled card, a beautiful outdoor scene that includes a bird house and more tiny, shaped and stunning paper die cut flowers. As much as we love Kittie’s use of single color blossoms, she has such an eye for combining colors and we can practically smell the spring air from this card.

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5505-03D-large-bird-house-1-right-579x640-1

Birdhouse Card Ideas – One For Your Files!

We have plenty of birdhouse card ideas coming to share! People seem to love birdhouses and the feathered friends they attract and we’ve been asked to share some birdhouse card ideas. Fortunately, we have a charming die set that lets you create several different styles of this motif and, of course, PLENTY of birds to occupy them. Kittie created this card for her blog and since we are still celebrating the arrival of Spring and April’s theme is animals, we

Something that is so fantastic about the ideas that Kittie shares – and those of our other designers – is that you can almost always swap out the flower shapes for others from our store. All you have to do is make sure you keep the size and scale roughly the same to keep the balance and you are good to play around with what you have or from the stash you just got from us.

Honestly, cards made with die cut flowers are almost always the perfect thing to send and you get to show off your creativity in endless ways. Shop your stash or head on over to our store and pick your favorite “die bouquet” and start having almost too much fun!

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