A Sweet Embossed Polka Dot Flower Card

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Check out this embossed polka dot flower card from Kittie!

We love cards with lots of texture and dimension and today’s beautiful embossed polka dot flower card from Kittie has it ALL going on! Kittie says “Making the background and the large white flower so pretty is as easy as running paper through your machine with an embossing folder!” Wow – who knew that using a design on a background and then one a single element could add so much impact?

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Kittie has all the details over on her post here and as usual, she shares everything so you should check it out. Her use of just two colors – the sunny yellow and the crisp white – and just a few dies means that this is very cost-effective card to make.

Now picture this same card done in ANY color! Right? Swap out some of the flower or greenery shapes, add different sentiments, even swap out the embossed polka dots for some other textural design and you can have cards for EVER!

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Here are the things from our store that Kittie used today – you can, of course, swap our your favorite embossing folder to add whatever size and style embossed polka dots or any other design you love:

Rubbernecker Blog 5508-01D-2T
5508-01D stackable flowers/leaves die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5502D-2T
5502D Nested Loops Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5404D-2T
5404D Branches and Leaves Die
[ RBB ]
Rubbernecker Blog 5422-03D-2T
5422-03D Tiny Flowers #2 Die
[ RBB ]

As Kittie said, picture this embossed polka dot flower card in black and white for a wedding card, a soft gray for a sympathy card, bright tropical colors for any summer card – just keep envisioning them and you can make them!

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