Christmas Craft Ideas From Rubbernecker!

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We love Christmas craft ideas and we love seeing all of the amazing non-card ideas that you all come up with; ways to utilize the crafting supplies you already have, to make something new and festive. Here are a few ideas to help you step outside the comfort zone of card making and get crafty! 

 2-4-6-8 Box

To make this SUPER fast and easy gift box, download the template below and follow the cut and score lines. (Cut lines are solid and fold lines are dashed.) Fold inward on all fold lines. Adhere the four 2″ squares (at the bottom of the template) together and tuck in the skinny flap at the end with adhesive. Press in gently on the sides of the column and pinch the top together. Voila! You have a cute little box! You can decorate it in a zillion different ways and you can either clip the top closed with a cute library clip or punch holes at the top and tie it closed with a loop of trim.
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We will have some of these to show you closer to the holidays!

Poinsettia Embellishments

Have you seen the beautiful three dimensional poinsettias you can make with our poinsettia die sets? They are absolutely stunning and our Associate Exclusive Designer, Kittie Caracciolo, has created some breathtaking examples. They are NOT hard to do once you get the hang of shaping them and when they are done you can use them on a card, on a wreath or even tied onto a package as an over-the-top gift tag! Here are two examples she made – are you not just amazed at how lifelike she’s made these?

Rubbernecker Blog Poin-bucket

You can get super cute containers at the dollar store, some food safe tissue or even just good old waxed paper and load them up with your favorite holiday cookie or treat (and with a package this fabulous it can even be store bought!) and add one of these gorgeous paper poinsettias and you have a capital-G Gift!

Rubbernecker Blog Poin-wreath

We just love this take on a holiday wreath! And, wrapped carefully and stored away, you can make it once and enjoy it for years!

Treat Bag Toppers

NOT just for Christmas – think Halloween! – these are SO fast and easy to make you won’t even believe it.

Take a die that is as at least as wide as your treat bag. We think our Nested Marquee dies are PERFECT for this but any die will work. Cut your toppers from your dies and fold in half. Insert your goodie in the treat bag, fold your die cut in half, place it over the open end of the treat bag and staple closed. Add some more decoration to the topper and there you go! NO ONE will know how easy this is (unless, of course, they are reading this post)!

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And another one – how CUTE are these?

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Watch for a post in the future with more ideas about this cute idea!

Snowman Kits

Some of you may have seen this card with the ADORABLE wagon full of snowman parts. Why not cut a whole bunch of them with this die and create little “snowman kits” for the young and young at heart alike? Just cut an assortment – a GREAT way to use up scraps! – and put little handfuls in cell bags. Top with a topper (see above) and give out as little favors, in cards, to the kids…… The snowmen themselves make very cute ornaments, gift tags or just cute decorations to put in surprise spots!

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Chapstick Giftables

We just about FELL OVER when we saw these! Can you imagine being able to turn a little lip balm stick (get ’em at the dollar store!) into a real GIFT? You can with these.

Rubbernecker Blog Chapstick

And yes, we will have a post giving you all the scoop!


Something you will see ALL OVER Pinterest and all the style blogs this year are simple, identically wrapped gifts with ornate tags. You can get a roll of butcher paper or kraft paper and a bulk roll of twine, cord or ribbon and wrap every single gift using those two choices. Then the star of the show – and a personalized touch for each recipient – is the gift tag. You could make a whole bunch in one style for one person or family – imagine handing, say, a blue snowman tag to someone and telling them everything with that same tag on it in the pile is theirs! How FUN! And being able to customize a tag to someone’s tastes or personality really shows your love for them.

Here are some examples from Kittie!

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We will ask Kittie to create a special post for us with some additional details. These are all such exquisite miniature works of art!

And here are some from Jamie – we just can’t get over how creative everyone is!!

We love the traditional tree shape with the fun stripes!

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And on plain white, it’s just as stunning!

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Gift Card Pockets

Did you know if you use our slimline die cuts, they make the perfect little gift card pockets? What a fun idea. Hang them on the tree for family to find, or send them in the mail. The holder is just as much of a treat as what’s inside! The decoration possibilities are endless. Check back with us soon for a fun tutorial on how these were made! 

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Now, do NOT miss out on getting everything you need in stamps and dies for all these Christmas craft ideas! Scope our our Christmas selection on our site NOW! 

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