LOADS of Non-Denominational Holiday Cards

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We recognize that not everyone celebrates Christmas and that many of you send non-denominational holiday cards during the end of the year season. So we thought it would be nice to share some of our cards that you could create to use for this purpose. Here we go!

This little fella could use a hug AND a boost!

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This card proves that there’s no such thing as too much sparkle!
Rubbernecker Blog Come-see-how-I-made-this-winter-scene-Christmas-card.

Doesn’t this just look so welcoming?

Rubbernecker Blog Come-see-how-I-made-this-whimsical-Christmas-card-with-cats-and-garden-arbor.

We love this pretty, nostalgic scene!

Rubbernecker Blog Come-see-how-I-made-this-snowy-Chritmas-card.

Give people a look forward into the year with this progressive scene!

Rubbernecker Blog KC-Rubbernecker-5325-03D-Slimline-OPC-Squares-1-center

Non-traditional colors yet beautifully wintry!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-5-1000x753

This shaker card loaded with sparkle and a winter greeting lets you say ANYTHING inside for any winter celebration!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-533-1000x768

So simple, so elegant and you could decorate it with Christmas style for your Christmas celebrating friends!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-101-786x1000

Another beautiful vintage-y looking scene perfect for all winter occasions!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-394-796x1000

Warm ad cozy and ready to send your love!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-392-815x1000

This is a cool “reverse” look of a card similar to one above.

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-391-799x1000

Another version of a wintry lampost ready to be lit for a snowy glow!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-383-788x1000

Simple, calm and fresh with pops of red as a nod to the season!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-380-797x1000

For your nature loving friends!
 Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-233-1000x773

More beautiful creatures!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-228-1000x761

Striking blue and gold!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-44-781x1000

Who doesn’t think of a gingerbread cottage when you see this? SO CUTE!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-541-770x1000

A classic snowman! Brrrr!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-167-997x1000

White and gold is a CLASSIC holiday combo and this one is stunning!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-497-1000x802

Charming, cozy and again with that great pop of red!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-393-1000x771

Doesn’t this card just make you want to open the door and be welcomed inside?

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-390-800x1000

We hope these cards gave you some ideas for some fun handmade non-denominational holiday cards that you can send to anyone this year! Be sure to shop all of our holiday and Christmas products over on the website and get a head start on those cards! 

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