Rubbernecker Christmas Card Showcase!

Rubbernecker Blog Christmas-In-July-1

Rubbernecker Blog Christmas-In-July

Today as part of our Christmas In July celebration we have for you a Christmas card showcase loaded with different samples for you to be inspired! Enjoy!

Quick and cute and easy and fun, this gnome is sending his magic!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-597-768x1000

Another gnome bringing the bling!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-599-778x1000

Gnomes aren’t the only ones who believe – our snowmen do too!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-587-1000x778

WOW! Ombre in non-traditional colors!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-601-756x1000

We all know the magic of Santa!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-6-1000x998

Here he is ringing in the season!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-83-804x1000

Penguins caroling – do you think they are singing “Go Tell It On The Glacier”?

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-84-1000x776

Frosty gets fancy!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-147-778x1000

Have yourself a furry little Christmas with this little fuzzball!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-590-1000x776

Slip a packet of cocoa in this one! YUM!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-591-788x1000

Bring the bling with a shaker card!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-595-774x1000

Who doesn’t love a warm (virtual) hug at the holidays?

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-600-770x1000

Fast and easy and oh-so from the heart!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-81-1000x783

Funny yet sweet!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-47-782x1000

Awwww – adorable!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-49-1000x774

Be honest, don’t we ALL feel at least a little bit like this at some point every holiday?

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-91-800x1000

Wow – a little paper piecing and some snowy glitter and you’ve got something special!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-237-803x1000

Perfect for people who “dive right in” to the holidays!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-378-794x1000

SO pretty – simple yet full of cheer.

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-384-1000x764

This one is perfect for when you want a little nostalgia!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-385-795x1000

THIS one makes us chuckle out loud!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-386-1000x772

Another vintage feel with a matching motif!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-387-789x1000

Who doesn’t love looking at the lights through the windows?

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-389-828x1000

Such an appreciation for nature!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-392-815x1000

Plenty of time to decorate with those greens!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-409-1000x755

Perfect for anyone who loves a ride with the top down – no matter the temp!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-209-1000x765

Perfect for that group of fun-lovers!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-534-1000x773

Another fast and easy card with the happiest snowmen ever!

Rubbernecker Blog RNCards-592-784x1000

PREFECT from a family of three!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-2-1000x776

Hot cocoa IS like a delicious hug!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-4-1000x788

Quick and easy with lots of visual impact from the dimension!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-6-767x1000

Even if you don’t resemble gnomes, this would be a cute card from a family of four!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-7-991x1000

Another take on a “From the Family” card – your friends will roar with laughter!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-8-761x1000

Friends make it happen!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-9-1000x800

Another group of penguins bringing you cheer!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubberneckercards-10-768x1000

We hope this Christmas card showcase has inspired you and has you thinking about what YOU want to do for your holiday cards this year. And when you have decided be SURE to check out the our Christmas selection at

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