Make Some Christmas Paper Crafts From Your Stash!

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Use your stash of goodies to put together some giftable Christmas paper crafts!

Christmas paper crafts are always popular and gathering and testing ideas can be a fun way to ease into holiday preparation. Don’t we ALL swear we are going to start early and then find ourselves in a crunch mid-December? Today we are going to share some ideas – some classic, some new – that can help you think outside the box (or package or bag or tag) about your supplies, figure out what you need to get your hands on now and make a plan to go along with your card planning strategy.

Gift Card Holders

Pretty much everyone loves a gift card to their favorite store and you can always tuck cash or a check into one of the handmade little surprise packages.

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Now, we haven’t lost our minds – we promise. This IS a Halloween project. But the basic formation of these brilliant little treats remains the same, no matter what holiday or occasion you are using them for. Check out the awesome video tutorial and let your imagination go wild with all your holiday supplies in mind! Here’s one example to help inspire you.

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Gift Tags

Handmade gift tags can be unspoken heroes at holiday time. You can wrap any and all your packages in the plainest paper you can find – you can get 150 square feet of plain white for $10 on Amazon! – and let your exquisite pieces of paper art be the sole, standout attraction.

Last year we mentioned that you can make a specific tag for each person and dress each package with the same tag. We got a TON of comments from customers saying they did this and it was a HUGE hit! You can customize your tag style for your recipient’s personal tastes – say, poinsettias for flower lovers, animals for nature lovers, etc. – and if you make those tags extra thick like Kittie did here, they can become keepsake ornaments!

Here are more examples of DIY Christmas gift tags from Kittie:

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And here are some from Jamie – we love the traditional tree shape with the modern stripes!

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And on plain white, it’s just as stunning!

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Make-Your-Own Snowman Kits

Inspired by this card with the ADORABLE wagon full of snowman parts, take a pile of scraps of card stock left over from other projects and cut a ton of parts and pieces. Put little handfuls in cell bags. Top with a topper and give out as little favors, in cards, to the kids…… The snowmen themselves make very cute ornaments, gift tags or just cute decorations to put in surprise spots! PRO TIP: Put a basket of these with some washable glue sticks on the table to keep the kids occupied! #askushowweknow

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2-4-6-8 Box Template

We shared this last year and many of you thanked us for creating a template that was easy to follow and handy. We figured since this is SUCH an easy thing to make and can be used for literally any occasion we’d repost. Just download the template below and follow the cut and score lines. (Cut lines are solid and fold lines are dashed.) Fold inward on all fold lines. Adhere the four 2″ squares (at the bottom of the template) together and tuck in the skinny flap at the end with adhesive. Press in gently on the sides of the column and pinch the top together. Voila! You have a cute little box! 

You can close the top with any sort of clip, make a little bag topped style closure, punch holes and tie it closed – any way you like. You can even leave it open for taller items and use your bag closure as part of the design.
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Handmade Chapstick Gift Holders

This is another reposted project that is so worth probably an annual mention because it is SO adorable! You can turn any little lip balm stick into an actual gift by using these little box-on-a-card packages; these are for Christmas but again, once you know how to make the basics, you can make these for any occasion. Think of all the fun seasonal flavors that the stores have!

You can get Allie’s instructions here so be sure to bookmark or Pin this idea because once you have those little lip balms with this idea, you have unlimited giftables!

Rubbernecker Blog Chapstick

We have tons and tons of ideas on the blog, so be sure to browse or use the search features on the site to explore. And when you’ve chosen the ideas you want to use this year, head on over to our Christmas section on our site and pick up the items you need to complete your stash to make these awesome Christmas paper crafts!

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