A Gorgeous Colorful Fall Floral Card – VIDEO!

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Wait until you see all the fabulous PRO TIPS in this colorful Fall floral card video tutorial!

Today we have a new video from Preeti sharing her incredibly helpful PRO TIPS on how to create this truly stunning colorful Fall floral card with so much detail and elegance. You will want to have a piece of paper and a pen because her tips just keep coming in this lesson!

For instance, Preeti shares TWO ways to color your stamped flowers with watercolor markers and illustrates both so beautifully you will absolutely be running for your stash!

She also shares how she created that textural background piece with nothing more than some ink and one of our new stencils – watch how she tones down the whole thing with a quick tip!

See how those flowers are all tucked in and around and under and over that pretty glittery frame? You would think that would be like doing a big puzzle, right? Watch how Preeti does this – you will be doing it All The Time! And her tip for using liquid adhesive OVER foam tape – yes, you read that right! – will take away every bit of fear you ever had about sticking something down in the wrong spot.

Go grab a cup of coffee, a pen and a piece of paper because this is a video you do NOT want to miss!

How excited are you to try out these tips? Were we right about that liquid adhesive/foam tape trick? Here are the things from the store that Preeti used today if you want to make some of these for yourself:

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Rubbernecker Blog Fall-Floral-card-2-500x500

We are so happy that Preeti took the time from all her unpacking and settling into her new home to make this video for us! We suspect this colorful Fall floral card is going to be a favorite inspiration for you and would LOVE to hear what you think!

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