A Fun, Colorful Handmade Halloween Card!

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This colorful handmade Halloween card is easier to make than it looks and is SO fun – come get all the details!

As “scary” as these monsters are, gathered together on this colorful handmade Halloween card they take on a fun, cheerful vibe. And Dawn, today’s designer, is sharing all her steps for making it so you can create your own version at home.

Let’s get started!

Take a piece of white card stock and lay the gooey drips from our Drips and Splatter Die set over the piece, lining up the top with the top of the card stock. Take a pencil and lightly mark the outline of the die on the card stock so you know where to create your ink blended look.

Starting with Melon Color Fuse Ink from Set #11, blend some ink in from the edge of the card stock. Then blend some Fern Color Fuse Ink over that from the white area over the Melon, leaving lots of room for your blues.

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Now take Whisper Color Fuse Ink from Set #9 and blend it up into the Fern to create a green tint. Now blend in some Dreamer from the same set.

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Set your die over your inked area and run it through your machine.

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Use your paper trimmer or snips and trim your die cut from the card stock at both ends of the die cut.

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Ta-daaaahhh! Isn’t that amazingly fun?

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Set that aside somewhere safe and cut your mats. Choose three bright shades and cut them with three graduated sized dies from our Nested Rectangle Small Stitch Die to layer onto your card base.

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Now, using our Cute Monsters #1 Die cut out your monsters using more brightly colored card stock. As Dawn has shared before, she makes sure all her little parts and pieces don’t get lost by making little piles on a piece of white paper.

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Assemble three monsters – Dawn used adhesive with a precision tip and tweezers to help place all the teeny details. How adorable is this little fella? PRO TIP: While you are at it, assemble as many monsters as you can from the parts and pieces you have and tuck them away for another project.

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Now take the layer that your monsters will be attached to and stamp it with our Splatter Background stamp. Dawn used Lavender Color Fuse Ink from Set #6 for a touch of colorful texture.

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Then stamp your sentiment – Dawn used one from our Monster Group Stamp set.

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Adhere your layers together and add them to your card base. Lay out your elements so you know where you want them to go and then add them with some adhesive foam tape and your tape runner.

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How absolutely adorable and fun is this card?

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If you want to make this card, here are the things you will want to add to your cart and get into your hands!

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We can think of so many ways this colorful handmade Halloween card could be used. Picture an invitation, a thank you, as calorie free treats for friends and co-workers – it’s so cute it’s perfect for just about any reason!

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